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Protection Guru’s monthly virtual Protection Forum brings together visionary advisers with leading providers to engage in discussion on topical issues in the industry. Our sessions are not only a great networking opportunity, but a way to get involved in creating positive change and help more people get the protection they need.

2023 Meeting dates

All sessions will be held as virtual meetings.

Tuesday 5 December

Better documentation, consumer duty, engaging with tech – Everything we have discussed in our forums in the last three months

Our latest forums produced lively debate and record numbers of attendees. Whether we were discussing how to improve documentation, Consumer Duty or how to better engage with tech, advisers were keen to share their thoughts on how the industry can improve and insurers...

Can consumer documentation be simplified and what have Insurers progressed – Insurer views

For the second half of our November Protection Forum heard from the insurers who shared their views on how consumer documentation can be simplified, discussing:​ ​ How can we ensure language is better?​​​ Can documentation be dynamic and only include info that...

How could (and should) consumer documentation be simplified – Adviser views

In the first half of our November Protection Forum, we heard from advisers who provided their views on how consumer documentation can (and in many case should) be simplified. Specifically we asked each adviser:​ ​ How can current documentation be improved? How can we...

Lessons learned from Consumer Duty implementation – insurer views

For the second half of our October Protection Forum heard from insurers who shared their own experiences in becoming Consumer Duty ready along with what they have seen from advisers across the market. In the session they discussed:​​ What have they learned three...

Lessons learnt from Consumer Duty implementation – Adviser views

For the first half of our October Protection Forum heard from the advisers who provided their views on how Consumer Duty has landed and discussed:​ ​ What have we learned three months on?​ What has been implemented to support Consumer Duty?​ What has worked, what...

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