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Protection Guru’s monthly virtual Protection Forum brings together visionary advisers with leading providers to engage in discussion on topical issues in the industry. Our sessions are not only a great networking opportunity, but a way to get involved in creating positive change and help more people get the protection they need.

2024 Meeting dates

All sessions will be held as virtual meetings.

Tuesday 9 January

Tuesday 6 February

Wednesday 6 March

Wednesday 1 May

Tuesday 4 June

Tuesday 2 July

Wednesday 4 September

Tuesday 1 October

Tuesday 5 November

Tuesday 3 December

Are protection products flexible enough to meet clients’ demands in 2024 and beyond? – Part 2

For the second half of our March Protection Forum we continued the discussion around 'Are protection products flexible enough to meet clients demands in 2024 and beyond?'... Panellists for this session included: Anna Gustyn – Umbrella Protect ​ Katy Davies – Henry...

Are protection products flexible enough to meet clients’ demands in 2024 and beyond?

For the first half of our March Protection Forum heard a discussion about the current flexibility options within protection products and what needs to be done to better keep track of a client's changing life.  Panellists for this session included: Emma Thomson –...

What is a vulnerable client and what should you do when you encounter one?

In the second part of our playback of discussions from our January forum, we hear from Alan Knowles of Cura and Peter Hamilton from Zurich. ​They discuss the difficulties in identifying which customers might be vulnerable and what extra support they may need. "We used...

How do different advisers approach vulnerable customers?

For the first half of our January Protection Forum heard from the advisers who shared what they have done to ensure that they are supporting vulnerable customers (including their definition of a vulnerable customer) and what support they would like to see from...

What is the Protection industry wishing for in 2024? (Part 2)

Following on from yesterday's insight, today we have produced the seconbd part of our "what is the protection indsustry wishing for in 2024" insight. Today we hear from Matt Chapman, Angela Davidson, Michelle Lawson and Aviva with their wishes ranging from better...

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