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Protection Guru has worked with Guardian to create a concise objective analysis of their product range.

Since they first entered the market in 2018, Guardian has been renowned as having a feature-packed and comprehensive product. As such, it will be no surprise that they were one of the few companies that achieved a gold for all of their products in our ratings.

Guardian in their own words

We entered the market in August 2018 with a single ambition: for every family to have protection that they truly believe in. We plan to do that by constantly challenging industry norms. And, in line with our brand promise of Life. Made Better, we’ll constantly strive for ‘better’.

We’ve deliberately departed from some of the conventional norms in protection product design.

We’ve done this because we believe we should respond to what advisers and their clients need rather than be constrained by industry practice. If you’re starting with a blank sheet of paper and no legacy systems, you can create products that are truly fit for purpose.

Our policies have been built to behave the way customers expect them to so that we can grow trust in our industry. If you have a heart attack, do you expect to be told it isn’t severe enough? No. So we’ve made our wording crystal clear. If critical illness definitions improve after you take out your policy, do you expect to have to cancel your policy and take out a new one to benefit? No. That’s why we include a cover upgrade promise. If you get divorced or your partner falls ill, do you want to be left uninsured? No. That’s why we don’t offer joint life polies. We only offer a dual life approach. Our polices aren’t just designed for clients’ needs now, but with inbuilt flexibility as standard so they’ll last a lifetime.

And because we feel so strongly that customers need advice to get the protection they need, we’re 100% committed to advisers. They’re our only channel to market.

Thank you to Protection Guru for creating our showcase pages, giving an independent view of our proposition.

Products Offered

Products Offered
Critical Illness
Optional Children’s Critical Illness
Income Protection
Family Income Benefit
Life Protection
Critical Illness Protection
Combined Life & Critical Illness Protection

Premium Waiver comes as standard with every Guardian policy regardless of age, occupation, or activities.

Key Benefits

Top 5 benefits for each type of cover

Critical Illness
  1. Market-leading Terminal Illness
  2. Unique Payout Planner
  3. Mortgage Guarantee as standard with all decreasing policies
  4. Guaranteed Insurability Options available at any age and to clients with a rating
  5. Optional children’s critical illness cover can be added or removed at any time.

Find out more about Guardian’s Life Protection on their showcase page here

  1. Comprehensive coverage with pay out on confirmation from a UK Consultant for many of the most claimed-for conditions
  2. Offer a cover upgrade promise which improves coverage on in-force policies if Guardian upgrade their cover
  3. Pays 25% of the sum assured up to £50,000 for additional payout conditions (10% of the sum assured to a maximum of £50,000 for low risk non-melanoma skin cancer)
  4. Optional children’s cover can be added or removed at any time
  5. Mortgage Guarantee as standard with all decreasing policies

Find out more about Guardian’s Critical Illness Protection on their showcase page here

On top of the key benefits listed above for each cover, Guardian’s policies have a few other features that come as standard regardless of the cover type, which we will explore a little further below:

  • Guardian offer a dual life approach, and do not offer joint life policies
  • Premium Waiver is automatically included with every policy regardless of age, occupation or activities.
  • Built-in lifestyle promise – a commitment to reduce any rated premiums during the term of the policy if the client’s risk decreases, such as losing weight or changing job
  • All policyholders get free additional benefits with Guardian Anytime

Dual Life

When Guardian launched into the market in 2018, they arrived with a whole range of challenges to ‘typical’ protection policy design. One of the unique and most talked-about challenges was their approach to joint life policies – in that, they don’t offer them at all. They instead offer a dual life approach. In a recent survey by Guardian, when asked to rate Guardian’s product features, advisers rated their dual life approach first place.

Guardian’s dual life approach enables each person to have their own individual cover. If the policy is set up on a life only basis then this will be set up as two life plans, with a multi-life discount, which means that in the event of a claim for one life, the other still has cover in place. Where life and standalone critical illness is included, four policies will be put in force with each client benefiting from life cover and separate critical illness cover, with a multi-benefit discount applied. As such a critical illness claim will not impact the life cover of either life assured and a critical illness claim will only affect the cover of the person that has suffered from the critical illness.

This approach provides far more cover for each person than a joint life plan as can be seen below:

The below scenarios are based on a joint life policy where there is a sum assured of £100,000 for life and £100,000 for critical illness (for life with accelerated critical illness the critical illness cover is equal to the life cover).

Life assured qualifies for a full payment critical illness claim
Life assured dies or suffers a terminal illness

Joint Life

Life with accelerated Critical Illness

£100,000 would be paid to the client and all cover ceases.
£100,000 is paid to the client (Terminal Illness) or their beneficiaries (Death). All cover ceases.

Joint Life

Life AND Critical Illness

£100,000 would be paid to the clients under the critical illness plan which ceases and the life cover remains intact.
£100,000 is paid to the client (Terminal Illness) or their beneficiaries (Death). For terminal illness claims an additional £100,000 will be paid under the critical illness plan which would cease. If the claim is for death the critical illness remains intact for the surviving life assured.

Dual Life

Life AND Critical Illness

£100,000 would be paid to the claimant under their critical illness plan which ceases. The life cover for both clients and the non-claimant’s critical illness cover remain intact
£100,000 is paid to the client (Terminal Illness) or their beneficiaries (Death). For terminal illness claims an additional £100,000 will be paid under the claimants critical illness plan which would cease. The non-claimants life and critical illness plans remain intact. 

Premium Waiver

All of Guardians plans include waiver of premium on a one month deferred basis at no additional cost regardless of age, occupation or activities. Premium Waiver is based on an own occupation definition and runs to the client’s own retirement and not a specific age. As such it remains available for as long as the client remains in work.

In addition to paying the clients premiums if they are unable to work due to ill health, Guardian will also pay the premiums for up to six months if after the first anniversary of the policy they are in employment and :

  • They involuntarily lose their job or are made redundant are no longer working
  • They take maternity or paternity leave 

Lifestyle Promise

Some clients will be paying increased premiums due to their health or lifestyle. Where a client subsequently improves their health or makes changes to their lifestyle that reduce their risk of claiming on a life or critical illness policy it is unfair if they are required to continue to pay increased premiums. To make sure that clients pay premiums in line with the potential risk, Guardian provide a “Lifestyle Promise”.

This promise offers the client the ability to reduce their premiums if they have been given an increased premium at outset due to one of four health or lifestyle factors and subsequently:

  • Stop smoking (for at least one year)
  • Lose weight for a sustained period
  • Change from a high-risk occupation to a lower risk occupation
  • Give up hazardous or dangerous sports activities

Guardian Anytime

GP 24/7 provides clients and their spouse/civil partner/partner and children with access to GPs. Importantly this service is offered throughout the term of the contract regardless of whether a claim is in place or not.

Also included within GP 24/7 is access to Medi-SMART. This service provides those that have been prescribed or are seeking help with medication with advice on side effects, how different medications may or may not work with each other and alternative medication options from a clinical pharmacist. By providing clients with access to expert medication management, Guardian can help the growing number of patients taking multiple medications due to complex health concerns. 

Second Medical Opinion Services

All policyholders can get access to a specialist second medical opinion following diagnosis of a serious illness as well as long-term support from a dedicated nurse adviser.

If the policyholder has Children’s Critical Illness Protection, all eligible children are covered too.

Areas for improvement

  • Currently do not offer an Income Protection or Business Protection proposition
  • Do not offer as wide a range of preventative services which can help clients lead healthier lifestyles pre claim 
  • As a new entrant not encumbered by legacy systems or a legacy book of business, Guardian have the opportunity to develop their proposition into new areas with more innovative features and we would like to see more done here 

Protection Guru has worked with Guardian to create a concise objective analysis of their product range. Guardian have had input to the design of this page and contributed to the cost of this construction maintenance, however Protection Guru have maintained editorial control over the content to ensure objectivity.

Guardian Financial Services Limited is an appointed representative of Scottish Friendly Assurance Society Limited. All products are provided by Scottish Friendly, an insurer with over 150 years’ experience in providing financial products and services.

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