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If you change your name, e-mail address or any other address or information you provide to us on registration, you must notify us of the new details promptly.

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Your password is for use by you personally, it should not be passed on or disclosed to any other person. If you pass on your password to another person you will indemnify FTRC in respect of any loss incurred through your disclosing your password to another party. If you are aware or suspect that an unauthorised person knows your password you must promptly notify us and we will cancel your existing password and allocate you a new one.

We will use all reasonable efforts to prevent any unauthorised access to the website. However, we will not be liable for any damage or loss however suffered if any unauthorised person gains access to it.

Site Content

The website’s purpose is to provide services, research, analysis, reports and data (jointly known as “information”) relevant to the financial services industry, assistance and useful links between product providers, service providers to the IFA community and Government and Standards bodies. The site also seeks to provide additional services to registered users who will be alerted as to new or existing information may be available. Although use of the website is free, customised or bespoke services provided may be subject to separate terms of use.

FTRC has taken considerable care to ensure that the information published on this website is accurate, reliable and up-to-date. Because of the possibility of human and mechanical error, as well as other factors, no warranty is given as to the accuracy or completeness of any information and FTRC shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in such information or materials provided. The information and materials published are provided for general information and are not intended to be relied upon as specific advice or recommendations. All information and materials referred to on this website are subject to change without notice.

We shall not be responsible for any information, content, services, products or otherwise contained in any website accessed via a hypertext link from this website. The content, accuracy and opinions expressed in such websites are not checked, analysed, monitored or sanctioned by us.

The information contained on this website does not constitute a distribution, an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy.

FTRC accepts no legal liability for loss, damages or expenses which you may suffer or incur directly or indirectly by you accessing this website.

All information on this website is Copyright © The Financial Technology Research Centre Limited. Information accessed on this website is protected under Copyright Law. You may download information and material from the website onto a computer screen or mobile telephone and print individual pages on paper (but not on any storage device connected to a network) but you cannot copy, republish (create a database in electronic form by systematically downloading and storing all or any of the content), redistribute, sell, lease, rent or remove the copyright from the information contained on the website for commercial purposes or gain. In the event that you wish to republish or redistribute information, this may occur with special arrangement and prior written permission of FTRC. Requests should be addressed to 70 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0HR.

We may vary these terms and conditions from time to time. We advise you to check for updated terms each time you use this site, as those updated terms shall apply in respect of any subsequent use you make of this site.


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