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Using claims stats to overcome objections

We have pulled together some of the most impressive claim stats from across the industry in order to provide advisers with a simple one page resource that can help overcome many client objections. These infographics will be updated regularly as insurers provide us with new and ever more impressive information, that could support advisers and back up the message that protection insurance is essential. 

Claims Data and Statistics

The headline claims paid percentages are great for highlighting to clients that the industry does pay the overwhelming majority of claims. These, however only tell part of the story. At Protection Guru we look to provide the detail behind the headline statistics so that advisers can better understand who is claiming on policies and for what in order to aid client conversations.

Claim Processes

The point at which a person needs to make a claim on a protection policy is the point at which the insurer will really show their spots. If the process is simple, quick and as stress free as possible the whole industry shines. If there is unecessary friction in the process then the beneficiary of the policy can be left with a bad impression. See how different insurers approach the process of claiming on a plan in six different areas below:

Claims Handlers

Claims Notification

Claims Tracking

Claims Documentation

Call Centre Opening times

Ongoing Support

Claim Stories

there are few things more powerful for protection advisers than the real life stories of clients who have claimed on their protection policies. We bring together a collection of income protection and critical illness claim stories below:

Income Protection Claim Stories

Critical Illness Claim Stories

Additional Services Claim Stories

Claim Insights

Using claim case studies to save protection policies – 5 things you should read

As individuals and households face an unprecedented squeeze on their income as a result of rising energy prices, tax increases and general price increases, many will be forced to make cutbacks and savings on their monthly expenditure. There is therefore a concern that...

Which income protection plans income include hospitalisation benefit?

Whilst income protection insurance plans are designed to pay a replacement income if the client is incapable of working due to ill health, insurers are increasingly offer a lot more in the way of additional support. This could take the form of various benefits and...

How do income protection policies cover stress?

The whole of the month of April marks Stress Awareness Month, a national health awareness campaign organised by the Stress Management Society. The aim of the campaign is to “raise awareness of the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic”. The need for a...

Support Services Claim stories

Protection plans offer so much more than just a financial pay out. Across the industry, support services and benefits such as second medical opinion services, counselling, virtual GP services etc. have rightly become a core part of plans with use of such services...

What does Scottish Widows’ Clinic in a Pocket data tell us about how useful GP services are?

Protection product development over the last few years has seen an increased focus on health and wellbeing support services and benefits. These include everything from virtual GPs to access to qualified nutritionists. It’s important to properly scrutinise the true...


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