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Using claims stats to overcome objections

We have pulled together some of the most impressive claim stats from across the industry in order to provide advisers with a simple one page resource that can help overcome many client objections. These infographics will be updated regularly as insurers provide us with new and ever more impressive information, that could support advisers and back up the message that protection insurance is essential. 

Claim Stories

there are few things more powerful for protection advisers than the real life stories of clients who have claimed on their protection policies. We bring together a collection of income protection and critical illness claim stories below:

Income Protection Claim Stories

Critical Illness Claim Stories

Life Insurance Claim Stories

Additional Services Claim Stories

Claim Processes

The point at which a person needs to make a claim on a protection policy is the point at which the insurer will really show their spots. If the process is simple, quick and as stress free as possible the whole industry shines. If there is unecessary friction in the process then the beneficiary of the policy can be left with a bad impression. See how different insurers approach the process of claiming on a plan in six different areas below:

Claims Handlers

Claims Notification

Claims Tracking

Claims Documentation

Call Centre Opening times

Ongoing Support

Claim Insights

The stories behind critical illness claims

If you have a claim story you would like us to share regardless of whether you are an adviser or insurer, please contact us.Debbie's story Debbie was a mortgage adviser that regularly gave protection advice to her clients particularly on life and critical illness....

The year’s best claims stats and stories… so far

One of the remarks we hear repeatedly, is the need for the industry to do more to share positive claim stories. Sharing positive claim stories, of which there are undoubtedly many, is also a vital way of helping build trust with clients and can hit home the value of...

Insurer claim stories all in one place!

Across the market there are soo many stories of how people have managed to claim on their protection products and the impact it has had on their finances and family. As always, we at Protection Guru want to provide advisers with as much information and collateral to...

The stories behind Income Protection Claims

Income Protection provides far more than just financial support to those that are unable to work due to injury or ill health. Within this page we have brought together a selection of videos that explore the impact that having income protection has had on a number of...

Is stress covered within income protection plans?

CPD. In reading this article you will understand: What stress is and whether it's regarded as a medical condition How income protection policies might treat a claim where the cause of work absence is stress Other ways income protection policies may support clients who...

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