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Insurer claim stories all in one place!

Insurer claim stories all in one place!

Across the market there are soo many stories of how people have managed to claim on their protection products and the impact it has had on their finances and family. As always, we at Protection Guru want to provide advisers with as much information and collateral to have the best possible conversations with clients and as such, we have brought together a wide range of claim stories from different insurers all in one place.

The stories behind income protection claims

Income Protection provides far more than just financial support to those that are unable to work due to injury or ill health. Within this page we have brought together a selection of videos that explore the impact that having income protection has had on a number of clients and some of the families supported by the 7 Families initiative. 

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The stories behind critical illness claims

With videos from Scottish Widows, Zurich, Legal & General, Aviva among others, we have a wide ranging bank of claim stories covering cancer survivors, heart attack sufferers through to rarer brain haemorrhages.

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The stories behind life insurance claims

this page brings together some of the life insurance claim case studies from insurers and advisers. Given the difficult nature of a life insurance claim, case studies can be hard to come by, so we would encourage as many insurers and advisers to share stories with us as and when they get them. 

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The stories behind Added Value Benefit claims

Protection plans offer so much more than just a financial pay out. Across the industry, support services and benefits such as second medical opinion services, counselling, virtual GP services etc. have rightly become a core part of plans with use of such services increasing massively over the last few years. Within this page we have brought together a selection of videos and stories that highlight how such services have helped clients and the impact they have made, on not only them but their families as well. 

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