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Life insurance claim stories

Life insurance claim stories

As part of our ongoing efforts to collate and share real-life claim stories from across the industry, this page brings together some of the life insurance claim case studies from insurers and advisers. Given the difficult nature of a life insurance claim, case studies can be hard to come by, so we would encourage as many insurers and advisers to share stories with us as and when they get them. 

Terminal Illness

Pete’s Story

In 2018, aged just 35 Pete was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and claimed on the terminal illness benefit of his Legal & General life insurance policy (that he’d had in place for 4 years). As Pete says in the video:

“You think you’ll never need it until you get old. Nothing will ever happen to me…”

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The above stories are prime examples of scenarios that happen within the protection industry on a daily basis. Providers want to pay claims, indeed no insurer will decline a valid claim and they want to support their customers. There is now an abundance of claims statistics made available by providers. These, combined with claims stories from real life claimants, can paint a powerful picture. If the industry as a whole is able to produce more stories like these we can go a long way to changing the views of consumers and give more confidence in the products that can literally be a lifeline in the direst of circumstances.

If insurers/advisers/service providers have any other added value benefit claim videos they would like us to share via this page please get in contact here.

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