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Using claim case studies to save protection policies – 5 things you should read

Using claim case studies to save protection policies – 5 things you should read

As individuals and households have faced an unprecedented squeeze on their income as a result of rising energy prices, tax increases and general price increases, many have been forced to make cutbacks and savings on their monthly expenditure. There is therefore a concern that products such as protection insurance may be cancelled as a ‘non-essential’, at a time when in fact they are arguably more important than ever. To help reinforce the importance of protection policies, we have pulled together a wide range of claims videos and case studies which can be used to highlight the benefits to consumers.

income protection claims case studies

Income Protection provides far more than just financial support to those that are unable to work due to injury or ill health. Within this page we have brought together a selection of videos that explore the impact that having income protection has had on a number of clients and some of the families supported by the 7 Families initiative. 

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Critical illness claims case studies

Being diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer can be devastating and stressful enough, without having to face the possibility of financial hardship as a consequence. The case studies presented here highlight the importance of having protection cover in place and the life changing impact this can have for those diagnised with a critical illness. 

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Support services claims case studies

Protection plans offer so much more than just a financial pay out. Across the industry added value benefits such as second medical opinion services, counselling, virtual GP services etc. have rightly become a core part of plans with use of such services increasing massively during the pandemic. Within this page we have brought together a selection of videos that highlight how such services have helped clients and the impact they have made on not only them but their families as well. 

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When speaking to clients about protecting their income there are many objections that might be thrown at you. “I’m too young”, “I’m healthy”, “if I’m ill I won’t be off for a long time” might be some of the more common, especially in younger clients. Whilst statistically, a younger person is less likely to need a long period off work, it does happen and the story of one claim from LV= highlights exactly why younger clients should be prioritising Income Protection.

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One of the benefits of working as closely with insurers as we do is that, during claims stats season, we are often provided with far more information than insurers generally expose through their claims literature. More often than not when we delve into this detail we come across statistics or stories that we believe need to be shared with advisers and their clients. In a recent discussion with Holloway Friendly we came across an astounding story that not only highlights why income protection is so important, but also the fantastic ongoing support that they provide to their clients that many do not see or appreciate.

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The above stories and more, including claims stats, infographics and other resources can be found in our claims microsite.

About The Author

Adam Higgs

Adam leads Protection Guru's detailed protection research and benchmarking of both product and operation features provided by insurers and has a vast knowledge of the protection market. He has been instrumental in building the protection comparison service Quality Analyser and maintaining the data to enable adviser to quickly and easily compare protection products based on qualitative measures. He also works with adviser firms to help in panel reviews and with insurers to help them understand the shape of the market, their strengths and the areas that could be improved in their products. In his spare time and when not spending time with his wife and two children, Adam is a keen Arsenal fan and enjoys hacking his way around a golf course.

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