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Who provides the best life insurance terminal illness benefit?

Who provides the best life insurance terminal illness benefit?

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Rob Harvey supports Protection Guru in it’s detailed research & benchmarking of protection products and features. He works alongside the team in helping drive product innovation and improvements with insurers and engages with adviser firms in ensuring they have the right tools & resources at their disposal to deliver the best protection advise. Prior to joining Protection Guru Rob spent 9 years at protection specialists Drewberry, where he worked as an adviser, learning & development manager and finally head of health & protection. In his spare time and when not out enjoying the pubs & bars of Brighton, Rob collects vintage clothing, is an historic motor racing enthusiast and avid country walker.


  1. Richard Brough

    Claim stats are wrong Royal London actually paid out £30.4 million in terminal illness claims in 2020

    • Darius Stonkus

      Yes it says that in the article: totaling just over £30mil. What is wrong there?

      • mm

        That’s our bad, we altered it and didn’t reply to acknowledge this. The earlier incorrect stat was based on some data Royal London shared with us, which differed from the final published statistics. Our apologies for the confusion caused.

    • Andrew Donnelly

      Loving the knowledge Richard!! Although, I really wonder how much more would it have been if the TI definition were matching what Guardian have done. Guardian has shown here it is not about the money it’s about getting it to clients when they need it. If someone has a Stage 4 Cancer, then sadly, they are going to die. Telling them they not ill enough if they have, in the opinion of a Consultant, more than 12 months left is not right. Guardian are cornering the entire Life Insurance market with this Definition alone.


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