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New Business

Phone – 0370 850 4419   

Opening times – 8.30 – 5.30

(Monday to Friday)



Online pre-app tool available, more info here (please quote your pre-app reference number in your email)






Phone – 0370 2430827

Opening times – 09:00 – 17:00

(Monday to Friday)

Protection Guru has worked with Zurich to create a concise objective analysis of their product range.

Zurich in their own words

We at Zurich believe that protection should be accessible to everyone and that no two lives are the same, so their cover should reflect that.

Flexible products

Our protection products are designed to be flexible to suit people’s lives and change as life changes. Your clients can vary their level of cover, as well as add or remove benefits depending on their circumstances during the life of the policy. All this can be easily done on our Life Protection Platform.

Supporting our customers

It is very important for us to support our customers, both when they’re claiming and during the life of their policy. Every customer and their family are offered access to a support service to help them with mental health problems, worries about finance, work and life balance, or even debt management. And when a customer needs to claim, we assign a dedicated claims manager to their case to help them throughout the whole process.

Planting a forest, one policy at a time

Zurich is not just about providing protection products. We want to have a positive impact on the community and raise awareness of climate change. That’s why we have partnered with Tree-Nation, a reforestation enterprise that aims to stop climate change, to help us plant a tree on behalf of each customer who purchase a policy on the Life Protection Platform.

Options to meet the needs of your clients


Life Cover

Free life cover during underwriting

Free life cover until mortgage completion

Conversion and renewal options


Critical Illness

Core cover – cover for core CI conditions

Select cover – cover for a broader range of conditions


Income Protection

Core cover that is not as basic as it sounds

Select cover provides extra support for the client and their family


Whole of Life

Protecting assets through inheritance tax planning

Funeral planning

Also offered for business protection


Business Protection

Key person cover

Shareholder protection


Relevant Life

No benefit in kind implications

Usually viewed as an allowable business expense by HMRC

Cover that can adapt to your clients’ life

The things in a clients’ life that need protecting rarely remains constant. As such it is important that the cover they have in place can adapt to their changing needs whether that be starting a family, an increase in income or assets all the way through to children no longer being dependent. 

Zurich’s range of protection plans enable advisers to change the level of cover the client has online without the need of paper applications and as such ensure that the client always has suitable cover in place for their specific needs at any given time. 

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Milestone benefits


Increasing cover


Decreasing cover

Supporting advisers pre-application

Pre-Application Tool

Zurich’s pre-application tool is available 24/7 365 days a year and enables advisers to understand what terms might be given on applications where there is:

  • A family history of illness
  • Medical disclosures
  • Poor habits or lifestyle 
  • Occupational risks
  • Hazardous pursuits
  • Travel risks

Key Benefits

Integrated with Zurich's rules engine which means the indicative outcomes are accurate
It provides not only an indicative decision on the benefit you selected, but also for other products and benefits Zurich offer, providing more options for advisers and clients
Saves valuable time, helping shorten the customer’s application process compared to pre underwriting phone line
Each pre-app enquiry has a unique reference number which can be used if you need to contact Zurich to discuss the decision given

Provides indicative terms for 90% of all pre-app enquires Zurich receive

Fracture Cover

Zurich offer fracture cover as an optional add on to all their personal protection plans. This benefit provides a lump sum of between £6,000 and £2,000 if the client fractures one of their specified bones. In addition, Zurich also pay a lump sum if a client has a specified dislocation or ruptures either their knee ligament or achilles tendon. Multiple payouts can be made in a policy year up to a combined maximum of £6,000.

Making claiming on a plan less stressful

Claims Handlers

All claimants are allocated a specific claim handler to talk to that has received speacialist training on how to talk to claimants, training on medical conditions and training from a support group.


Zurich can be notified of a claim by email, post or telephone (no additional claim form required) and will let advisers know when a claim is being made on one of their clients’ policies.


Zurich will send a summary of the details of the claim to the client and keep both the client and their adviser informed on the progress of the claim by text, email, post or phone depending on preference.

Zurich work extremely hard to obtain feedback from claimants and are continuously looking at how they can improve their claims process for claimants and advisers. This is 

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Zurich Support Services

Zurich’s Support services are available from the moment a plan is put in force 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The service provides telephone access to an independent team of counsellors, advisers and legal experts to help with common day to issues and counselling when needed. 

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More than counselling

Work/Life balance

  • Childcare support and referrals
  • Eldercare support and referrals
  • Life coaching
  • Debt & money management
  • Legal information

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Emotional Support

  • Short term counselling (up to 5 sessions)
  • Fully qualified & experiences counsellors (BACP, UKCP)
  • An appointment within 5 working days of being appointed a counsellor
  • Referrals where longer term support is required

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  • Childcare support and referrals
  • Eldercare support and referrals
  • Life coaching
  • Debt & money management
  • Legal information

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  • Short term counselling (up to 5 sessions)
  • Fully qualified & experienced counsellors (BACP, UKCP)
  • Counsellor appointed within 2 working days of initial assessment
  • An appointment within 5 working days

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Claims Statistics 2020


Life Protection 
Critical Illness
Income Protection
Percentage of claims paid
Not meeting defintion
Total value of claims paid
Number of families supported



£456,000 in fracture cover claims paid


£4.5m of total life claims due to COVID-19 deaths

Tools & Support


Zurich have created a range of tools to support advisers, their businesses and aid discussions with clients. The tools include:

  • Maximum monthly benefits caculator 
  • Dual deferred period maximum benefit calculator
  • Medical evidence and BMI calculator
  • Occupational guide tool
  • Whole of life calculator
  • Direct Debit collection date tool

Click here to access these tools

Life Protection Platform Support

Zurich’s Life Protection Platform is hugely powerful and provides advisers with a huge amount of information. It gives advisers the ability to manage not only their new business pipeline but also their in force policies removing the need for paper forms. To help advisers navigate the platform and get the most from the system, Zurich have provided a range of videos and answers to their most frequently asked questions. These cover: 

  •  Quote and Apply
  • Underwriting decisions
  • Issuing policies
  • Policy servicing

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Business protection guide

Zurich Business Protection provides comprehensive cover for key people and owners. It includes the same critical illness conditions and features as our Personal Protection policies. Zurich have created a business protection guide to support advisers, that covers:

  • Key Person
  • Shareholder Protection
  • Relevant Life
  • An overview of different business types
  • Technical information on setting up cover

Click here to download the report

Zurich plant a tree for every policy bought

Zurich have teamed up with Tree-Nation, a forestation initiative and to help combat deforestation will plant a tree everytime a protection plan is taken out up until 31st December 2020.

In addition clients will be able to track their tree, view detals about it and see where it is placed in Zurich’s ‘virtual forest’.

Since the begining of the project, Zurich UK have planted over

61,000 trees

Areas for improvement

  • Do not have a family income benefit proposition
  • Do not currently offer as wide a range of value added services such as access to GP’s, Second Medical Opinions, Health Checks and Nutritional Support.

Protection Guru has worked with Zurich to create a concise objective analysis of their product range. Zurich have had input to the design of this page and contributed to the cost of the construction and maintenance, however Protection Guru have maintained editorial control over the content to ensure objectivity.

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