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Adviser support:


Call us: 0300 123 3203



Call us: 0300 123 3203

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm

Protection Guru has worked with The Exeter to create a concise objective analysis of their proposition.

The Exeter in their own words

As a mutual, we couldn’t be more friendly. We’re committed to working with you to grow your business and deliver the best possible outcomes for your clients. Put simply – you matter more.

Our multi award-winning proposition provides you with a range of products to meet your clients’ needs, including:

Income protection (IP)

  • Income First – IP for a wide range of occupations, from office-based professionals to manual workers and skilled trades.

Life cover

  • Real Life – cover for those with serious or multiple health conditions

Added support through HealthWise

Our HealthWise app is free for members and their immediate family, giving convenient access to expert medical advice and treatments.

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Supporting clients from different occupations and with different health conditions

Income First

The Exeter’s Income First is an income protection plan designed for a wide range of occupations from office-based professionals to manual workers and skilled trades. 

High BMI

The Exeter take an inclusive approach to underwriting clients with high BMI on income protection. They will consider applications where the BMI is 46 or lower (44 if the client is under 30).

Type 2 Diabetes

The Exeter will look to provide income protection terms to clients with Type 2 Diabetes with a minimum of a 4 week deferred period as long as:

  • They have a HbA1c of under 9% (75mmol/mol)
  • They are at least 30 years old
  • They have had a diabetic review within the last 24 months

Real Life

The Exeter’s Real Life cover is a life protection plan designed specifically for those with serious or mutliple medical conditions. It specialises in underwriting higher risk lives and looks at each client on their own merits to provide the best possible terms.

Flexibility of cover

Deferred periods
Level or age costed
Benefit payment periods

The Exeter offer 2 year, 5 year benefit and full term payment periods in order to meet all client budgets. 

NHS medical professionals and teacher sick pay matching
Employer change promise
Rental increase options

The ability to increase benefit levels without underwriting if your clients’ circumstances change, this includes options for renters.

Providing more certainty of benefit

Fixed Benefit Option

The Exeter’s fixed benefit option provides the ability for financial underwriting to take place at outset so that the client can fix up to 75% of their benefit which will be paid without any further financial underwriting at claim.

  • The client has up to 12 months from the start of the policy to add this feature.
  • If the indexation option is included the fixed benefit will also increase in line with inflation.
  • The client needs to be in active employment at point of claim so if they are unemployed or a houseperson this benefit will not apply.
  • The non-fixed proportion of the benefit will still be financially underwritten at point of claim.

“The fixed benefit option from The Exeter provides clients with more comfort that regardless of the level of their income at point of claim the majority of the benefit will be paid.

This type of benefit  is rare on income protection plans and a real USP for The Exeter in supporting those clients that might see their income fluctuate up and down over their career.”

Adam Higgs

Head of Research, Protection Guru

Tools and support to help income protection conversations

The Exeter’s Income Protection toolkit, provides advisers with a host of tools and information in order to help improve the income protection conversations they have with clients. Protection Guru were very impressed when this was launched and our founder, Ian McKenna stated:

“Overall, this is a valuable addition to the resources available to advisers who want to grow their Income Protection business and in the current environment everyone should be looking to do that. Unless you are writing stacks of income protection business day in day out advisers should devour this toolkit and even if they are, I think the income risk calculator will be invaluable.” See the full review here

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Income Risk Calculator


Reasons Why Editor


Objection handling


Sales Aids



Supporting clients & their immediate families both physically and mentally


Remote GP


Second medical opinion




Mental Health Support


Registered Dietitian consultations


Lifestyle & nutrition consultations

Healthwise Stats

Remote GP Appointments

Most common reasons for appointments:

  1. Musculoskeletal conditions
  2. Skin conditions
  3. Infections & respiratory illness
  4. Ear, nose & throat conditions
  5. Sexual health

Mental Health Support

Most common reasons for appointments:

  1. Anxiety & depression
  2. Stress & work related stress
  3. Loss/grief bereavement
  4. Compulsive disorder
  5. Relationship issues

Physiotherapy support

Most common reasons for appointments:

  1. Knee & leg
  2. Back pains
  3. Head/neck & shoulder
  4. Muscles/joints & tendons
  5. Arm & elbow

Areas for improvement

  • Whilst The Exeter have recently provided access to nutrition services to income protection customers we would like to see more of the various elements of HealthWise offered to all customers especially within their life contracts which do not currently provide mental health support
  • The minimum benefit guarantee on Income Protection plans is low at £1,000 per month and incurs additional costs
  • The Exeter will waive the deferred period if a client returns to work and becomes ill again with the same or linked condition within 6 months. Other insurers offer this for up to 12 months.
  • We would like to see The Exeter add a death benefit and offer greater support to clients when diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Could offer a hospitalisation benefit to support clients during the deferred period if hospitalised for an extended period of time. 

Protection Guru has worked with The Exeter to create a concise objective analysis of their product range. The Exeter have had input to the design of this page and contributed to the cost of the construction and maintenance, however Protection Guru have maintained editorial control over the content to ensure objectivity.



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