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Protection Guru has worked with Vitality to create a concise objective analysis of their product range.

Vitality in their own words

Our core purpose is to make people healthier and enhance and protect their lives.

We take a unique approach to insurance. As well as offering the highest levels of protection, we also make it easier for your clients to take an active role in maintaining their wellbeing, helping them to understand their health and rewarding them for good lifestyle choices.

Long-term, this is good for your clients, because they enjoy better health and real financial benefits from their plan. It’s good for us, because fewer claims enables us to share the benefits of healthy living with your clients, in the form of better plans and rewards. And it’s good for society, because healthier, happier people enjoy better lives, are more productive at work and rely less on healthcare. It’s what we call Shared value insurance.

Key Benefits

1. The Vitality Programme

All clients get automatic access to Vitality’s scientifically developed wellness programme. It is designed to help them take steps towards a healthier life – and rewards them with premium discounts and partner deals that get bigger the healthier they are. This means they can get something back for their premiums, without having to claim.

  • 18 peer-reviewed academic studies have been published on the structure, effectiveness and health benefits of the Vitality Programme.
  • After engaging with Vitality for one year, male and female clients increased their life expectancy by 1.8 years and 1.1 years respectively.
  • In 2019 Vitality paid out £103m in Vitality rewards (roll your mouse over or touch the images below to see more)

Over 1.4 million cinema tickets

Over 5.3 million coffee vouchers

Over 480,000 health food shops

2. Premiums start low and stay low when clients make positive health choices

When people look after their health, they lower their risk of claiming, which is good for everyone. Vitality’s Optimiser provides upfront access to the most preferential rate – referred to as Platinum rate – giving members up to 30% lower premiums at outset. Members can maintain this Platinum rate over time by engaging in the Vitality Programme and staying active and healthy. If a member does not maintain the Platinum rate, their premiums will increase over time.

By looking after their health over the lifetime of the plan, they can save thousands in premiums, as well as get thousands more back in rewards.

  • In 2019, Optimised plans received £20m in initial premium savings.
  • Optimised clients have a two and half times higher take-up of additional cover options.

3. Serious illness not critical illness

Serious illness cover has many benefits over traditional critical illness plans. It’s severity based payment structure enables Vitality to provide pay outs to clients for far less severe conditions, with the opportunity for multiple claims for the same or separate conditions as the severity of the condition worsens. Vitality provide cover for more conditions than any other insurer and offer broader coverage on many of the conditions compared to critical illness plans.

  • 1 in 4 claims in 2019, outside cancers, heart attacks and strokes were for conditions unique to Vitality
  • 1 in 10 claimants in 2019 had claimed previously on their Serious Illness Cover plan

4. Vitality Nurses make medicals easier

Medical underwriting has quite rightly come under the spotlight in recent times and a key issue for many advisers is how difficult is has been to obtain a General Practitioners report and get client medical’s conducted in a timely manner.  Vitality’s non medical underwriting limits for the request of a GPR are one of the highest in the market and where a medical is required they have Vitality Nurses. 

Vitality Nurses can visit them in the comfort of their own home, or at a place convenient for them, to carry out underwriting requirements.

  • Most screenings are finger prick blood tests, this allows Vitality to capture the results immediately
  • Vitality’s team of in-house Vitality nurses allow bookings to be made within 2 hours of application potentially resulting in quicker activations.

a new, simpler optimiser

The unique Optimiser available on Vitality’s Personal Protection Plan gives clients access to the best available rate upfront, the Platinum rate, as well as the tools and incentives to help them make good lifestyle choices, in order to maintain their Platinum rate.

How Optimiser works:

  • Get access to the Platinum rate upfront: up to 30% lower premiums

The Platinum rate is up to 30% lower than the standard term premium rate and up to 40% lower than the standard whole of life rate.

  • Maintain the Platinum rate over time

Premiums are dynamic and change annually based on their Vitality status.  Clients can keep premiums low by engaging in the Vitality Programme and maintaining Platinum status.

Vitality Status
Stay on Bronze
Reach Silver
Reach Gold
Reach Platinum
Annual increase
  • Unlock Rewards

Everyone gets access to the Vitality Programme.  Members who select Optimiser, and have a premium above £45 for single plans and £60 for joint life plans will automatically unlock our full range of discounts and rewards, Vitality Plus, at an additional £4.75 per month, per member.

Personal Protection Plan Options

We have simplified our personal protection range of products into one simple Personal Protection Plan providing access to our market leading products Serious Illness Cover, Mortgage Serious Illness Cover and Income Protection. All plans also provide access to our unique Optimiser.

Benefits that engage clients day to day

The level of customer contact achieved through Vitality’s health and other programs is phenominal and a huge factor in building loyalty. Quite simply, customers who use the additional benefits Vitality offer day in day out, are far less likely to let plans lapse.

At last year’s LIMRA life insurance conference Brandon Carter, President and CEO of USAA (, the US armed forces insurer, famous for exceptional customer service and technology innovation, called out one insurance company as managing the outstanding achievement of being in touch with the customers 1,000 times a year, when most insurers struggle to achieve it once. He was talking about Vitality (well to be truly accurate Vitality’s parent Discovery, but effectively the same thing).

(roll your mouse over or touch an image to see the level of engagement Vitality achieved in each of the below in 2019)



Monthly Amazon Prime memberships rewarded



Discounted healthy food orders



Health activities tracked



Mindfulness & meditation sessions completed



Parkruns completed



Gym visits

Claims Statistics


Claims Paid
Life Protection
Serious Illness
Income Protection
Percentage of claims paid
Total value of claims paid
Claims Declined
Suicide within 12 months
Did not meet criteria
Non-Disclosure/Pre-existing condition

*Given the breadth of Vitality’s serious illness cover, it doesn’t surprise us that they receive a number of calls from clients looking to claim on less severe conditions that may not have an impact on their their day to day life.

Areas for improvement

  • Strides have been made to simplify the Vitality proposition, however we still believe that more could be done
  • May not be as suitable for clients that are not willing to engage in any way in the Vitality program

Protection Guru has worked with Vitality to create a concise objective analysis of their product range. Vitality have had input to the design of this page and contributed to the cost of this construction maintenance, however Protection Guru have maintained editorial control over the content to ensure objectivity.

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