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Live Chat: Chat online with our new and existing business support teams for queries regarding protection policies:

Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 17:00.

Protection Guru has worked with Legal & General to create a concise objective analysis of their protection proposition.

Legal & General in their own words

Our approach is simple – working together we want to grow the market and protect more people. This is why in 2018 we launched  Intermediary Designed to support the people who protect the people. And as our Hero in the Middle winner demonstrates, the value of an intermediary is unparalleled.

Our goal is to put protection where it should be.

We know the average person underestimates their likelihood of illness, injury and death but overestimates the support they could rely on from savings, work and the state [See L&G’s deadline to breadline research]. However, we also know one conversation could make all the difference:

Support designed around you

From comprehensive training, system enhancements to personal support from your dedicated business development managers – we’re here for you every step of the way [See L&G’s Adviser Proposition document].

Benefit Options

Life Insurance

  • Lump sum life insurance
  • Family & Personal Income Plan
  • Whole of Life Protection Plan
  • Prepaid Funeral (provided by Dignity)

Critical Illness

  • Critical illness Cover
  • Childrens Critical Illness Cover
  • Critical Illness Extra

Income Protection

  • Income Protection Benefit
  • Low Start Income Protection

Rental Protection

  • Rental Income Protection Benefit
  • Rental Life Insurance
  • Rental Life Insurace with Critical Illness Cover

Business Protection

  • Executive Income Protection
  • Key Person or Share Protection
  • Business Loan Protection
  • Relevant Life Plan

Umbrella Benefits

  • Wellbeing Support
  • Rehabilitation Support Service
  • Private Diagnostics
  • Fracture Cover

Latest Updates

Legal & General’s new Business Protection product: Key Person Income Protection. If a key employee needs time off due to illness or injury, there’s a new product that’s here to help. Find out more.

State of the Nation SME’s Report. Legal & General’s 7th edition gathers insights from SME’s about the potential risks they may face, their awareness of risks, and how they as a business could mitigate them. Did you know, 6 in 10 businesses would cease trading within 12 months of losing a key person! Find out more.

Introducing Umbrella Benefits

On the 13th July, Legal & General introduced Umbrella Benefits their additional cover and services offering. Practical and emotional support is included as standard with two services that focus on physical and mental health. Plus, they’ve introduced two new optional benefits that can be purchased with a policy for added financial security and peace of mind.

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Wellbeing Support

(Provided in partnership with RedArc)

Key benefits

  • Expert advice on the most suitable course of action
  • Ability to refer to a range of support services including:
    • Mental health support
    • Advice on managing life with chronic illnesses (Inc Long COVID)
    • Explanation of treatments and advice on coping
    • Extra care and support on returning home after hospitalisation
    • Support and advice on how to keep elderly relatives safe
    • Second Medical Opinions
    • A course of specialist counselling or physiotherapy (when recommended by a redarc nurse)

    Rehabilitation Specialists


    Key benefits

    • Provided at first notification of potential claim and before the benefit is in payment
    • In-house rehabilitation teams can work closely with the claims department to ensure services are provided quickly and efficiently
    • Support and assistance when returning to work
    • No need for a GP referral
    • Access to a range of services from fully qualified professionals including:
      • Mental Health
      • Physiotherapy
      • Vocational Rehabilitation

      Fracture Cover

      Key benefits

      • An optional extra that can be added to personal protection for £5.90 a month
      • Cover Multiple claims per year
      • With a Maximum payout of £7500 per annum
      • It covers:
        • 20 different fractures,
        • nine different joint dislocations,
        • Achilles tendon ruptures and knee ligament tears

          Private Diagnostics

          Key benefits

          • An optional extra that can be added to personal protection for £4.50 a month
          • Fast access to private virtual consultations with specialists and in-person diagnostic testing for cancer, cardiac or neurosurgical referrals.
          • This service is to help obtain a primary diagnosis or to understand whether further investigation is required
          • Results in a matter of weeks from the day of referral.
          • Service available to the life insured and their children up to the age of 22
          • Clients can claim up to 3 separate primary consultations per year.
          • Treatment not included

            Supporting you and your business

            Training & Support

            CII accredited workshops and webinars, with training that is designed to help you grow the market:

            • If you want to sell more Income protection.
            • Brush up on sales ideas.
            • Get into the Business protection market
            • Look at new income Streams from the Rental Market.
            • Making the most of the mortgage opportunity.

            Click here to see Legal & General’s webinars & videos

            Market Research

            To help you improve protection conversations with your clients, Legal & General have published a range of market research, including:

            “I have been advising on Protection since 2008 and have always felt very comfortable in recommending life and critical illness, but struggled more with how to position the income protection element of it in order to get clients to ‘buy in’ to the product. Having attended the L & G webinar Steve gave great tips on how to position the whole proposition to the client so that any objections were a lot easier to handle and overcome. I have attended a number of these over the years but this L & G one was really engaging, educational and has really improved how I position Income Protection with my clients”

            Jo Stewart

            Mortgage & Protection Adviser, Digby Associates

            Easier applications

            • Point of Sale decision in 83% of submissions (Life & Critical Illness).
            • Access to underwriting decisions within OLPC.
            • Receive alternative cover and premium options, if no standard terms applied.
            • Send application to your clients digitally to complete health and lifestyle questions.

            Quick underwriting

            In the past 6 months, Legal & General have:

            • Turned around new applications and application amendments within 4 hours
            • Delivered Priority Protection medical evidence assessments within 48 hours
            • Assessed medical evidence within 6 working days.

            Click or touch to expand

            Click or touch to expand

            Claims Statistics 2020


            Average payouts
            Life Insurance
            Terminal Illness
            Critical Illness
            Income Protection
            20-29 year olds
            £1,012 p.m.
            30-39 year olds
            £790 p.m.
            40-49 year olds
            £1,058 p.m.
            50-59 year olds
            £1,009 p.m.
            60+ year olds
            £1,459 p.m.

            *data includes over 50’s plans

            The most common non-disclosures and how to avoid them


            Your client needs to consider all parts of the alcohol questions carefully. Many people who have received medical advice to reduce their alcohol consumption don’t tell us.


            Your client needs to tell us about any episodes of blurred/double vision and numbness/tingling.


            It’s important people don’t think this question refers to regular smoking only. Your client must disclose even the occasional cigarette/cigar they have. If they have given up smoking, it’s also very important that they provide an accurate date when they last smoked.


            If your client is uncertain of their current weight, please ask them to weigh themselves and advise them to be as accurate as possible.


            Remind your client to disclose any symptoms, or if they’re undergoing any tests which have not yet been officially diagnosed.

            Confirm your details

            Always remind clients of the importance of completing a CYD and logging onto My Account. It protects the adviser, as what was captured on the application is said to be a true and an accurate account.

            Celebrating those that go the extra mile

            There are so many stories of cases where an advisers intervention has made an enormous impact on a client’s life. Whether that be aiding clients through the claims process, informing them that they have a claim in the first place or even just monitoring lapses and discussing a compromise with clients to ensure that at least some cover is in place, advisers do a fantastic job. 

            To help recognise advisers who have gone above and beyond in support of their clients to achieve outcomes that might not have been achieved otherwise, Legal & General highlight the stories and imortalise the advisers with their own “Hero in the Middle” caracature. Below are a number of such examples: 

            Areas for improvement

            • Do not offer access to virtual GP’s 
            • Do not offer as many preventative services such as fitness support and health checks
            • Whilst we applaud Legal & General for providing rental specific policies we would like to see more features in these plans beyond a rental specific guaranteed insurability option to address the changing needs of renters.

            Protection Guru has worked with Legal & General to create a concise objective analysis of their product range. Legal & General have had input to the design of this page and contributed to the cost of the construction and maintenance, however Protection Guru have maintained editorial control over the content to ensure objectivity.



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