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Another busy week at Protection Guru

Another busy week at Protection Guru

Another busy week across our various websites, starting with Protection Guru where Rob Harvey began the week by looking at Who provides immediate income protection cover during application underwriting. On Tuesday Amanda Newman Smith’s insight investigated How income protection providers help with a hospital stay. Our second insight of the day was a reminder that the voting/entry submission deadline for the Protection Guru Awards is fast approaching.

Amanda’s Wednesday insight asked Which insurers have the best critical illness and life buyback options on Thursday Amanda examined Who helps advisers introduce critical illness cover to young people.

We wrapped up the week with a roundup of the June & July Forum discussions, seven things advisers are talking about in our Protection Forum meetings. There are so many key topics covered in these sessions if you missed any of them I suggest sitting down with a glass of wine or a beer at some point over the weekend and having a good listen.

Talking of Protection Forum, it will return on 7th September, following its summer break. The agenda for this meeting will be:

  • What can we learn from how DeadHappy markets itself to customers
  • Personalised products vs simple products: Are they mutually exclusive?
  • What generic pre-underwriting information would make an adviser’s job easier?
  • Added Value Services: Product Gimmick or valuable support services?

Advisers can register for a free ticket to attend the online meeting via this link.

Over on Benefits Guru Kat Mitchell examined Member categorisation and reporting under auto-enrolment rules on Tuesday and on Thursday, Jason Green looked at Tax efficient benefits, asking which providers can support what?

On our recently launched site on Monday Adam Flowers published our summary of Portfolio Cloud’s portfolio analysis software before turning on Wednesday to look at U.S. based  Tolerisk’s risk profiling/risk profiling suitability tool. Our American cousins to take a different approach to risk profiling and it’s interesting to look at how they pull the various issues together.

Our Investment Forum returns on 21st September where the discussion will focus on a subject that is relevant to the investment, mortgage and protection communities, Cyber Security & Secure Communications and whether firms have changed their methods of data security since the start of the pandemic.

A number of very significant advice firms have agreed to lead this discussion, sharing what they have done to put special protection in place. I think this is an invaluable opportunity for firms to learn best practice and would encourage as many people as possible to join the session.

Advisers can register for a free ticket to attend the online meeting by visiting this link.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend everyone.

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Ian McKenna is the founder of Protection Guru. A 40 year veteran of the financial advice and related technology markets. Having worked for insurance and financial advice firms in 1995 he set up Financial Technology Research Centre, which publishes Protection Guru over a decade before “fin tech“ was recognised as an industry term. He believes passionately that far more people can be protected by life insurance and related contracts if we can demystify these and make objective comparative information on policies more accessible.

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