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Some monkeying around for a great cause

Some monkeying around for a great cause

Protection Guru are not only passionate about supporting the protection industry, but we also love to take the opportunity where we can to support great causes.

Friday 18th November saw several great initiatives for the wonderful cause, Children in Need. I decided to get involved and attended a lunchtime charity spin session dressed as a gorilla! Exceptionally hot, but a lot of fun with fabulous tunes and a number of superheroes taking part!

I will also be taking part in a 5-hour nonstop spinathon early December to raise valuable funds for Parkinson’s research. Without doubt wearing another very entertaining outfit! Parkinson’s is very close to my heart. My mum (who was also exceptionally energetic) was stopped in her tracks a few years ago when diagnosed with Parkinson’s. In 2021, I am proud to say I raised over £1200 to assist with the research programme in Plymouth, taking part in the Three Peaks challenge.

In support of World Diabetes Day, which falls on November 14, we started the week on ProtectionGuru by highlighting how Diabetes is covered in Critical Illness plans. There are 4.7 million people in the UK living with diabetes and this number is expected to increase to 5.5 million by 2030. The condition causes raised sugar levels in the bloodstream which can lead to problems like cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, kidney damage and eye damage among other major health issues. In reading this article you will understand; The different types of diabetes, How diabetes is evolving and How diabetes is covered within critical illness plans.

On Tuesday, Amanda Newman Smith gave a summary of the State Benefits that are available when too ill to work. State benefits tread a delicate path. Claimants need enough money to survive if their personal circumstances take a turn for the worse. But the state benefits system can never undermine the principal that work pays. So, if people are looking to claim state benefits because their ability to work has been impacted by sickness or disability, the financial help they get is likely to be less than they are used to. In reading this article you will understand; Qualifying for Statutory Sick Pay, Means-tested benefits and Options if falling short.

On Wednesday, Adam Higgs set out the various Joint Life Insurance seperation options insurers offer. In reading this article you will understand; Why seapration options might be necessary for clients, what options insurers offer for clients wishing to split a joint life insurance policy and what restrictions or limitations insurers impose on separation options. 

As individuals and households face an unprecedented squeeze on their income as a result of rising energy prices, tax increases and general price increases, many will be forced to make cutbacks and savings on their monthly expenditure. There is therefore a concern that products such as protection insurance may be cancelled as a ‘non-essential’, at a time when in fact they are arguably more important than ever. We therefore ended the week by setting out the 5 things you should read about using claim case studies to save protection policies.

Have a great week everyone!

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Niki Cooke has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, in particular in the advise-tech sector, where she has worked for the likes of iPipeline, Intelliflo and Twenty7Tec Group. Niki recently joined FTRC/Protection Guru as Chief Revenue Officer, supporting the business in it’s growth and development of protection focused adviser research tools and working with the wider industry to help grow the protection market.

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