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Join one of our ProtectionGuruPro webinars and everything else we covered last week

Join one of our ProtectionGuruPro webinars and everything else we covered last week

Firstly, we hope everyone had a fantastic Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend. The two-day holiday of course meant we had a shorter week of content at Protection Guru last week, but there was still plenty to keep us busy, particularly following the recent launch of ProtectionGuruPro.

For anyone who may have missed it last week, we’ve added three more demo webinar dates, which you can book here. These are a great opportunity to join myself and Adam for a walk-through demo, highlighting how ProtectionGuruPro works and some of the features and options available for creating a quality comparison report. We’ll also run a Q&A session at the end of the webinars.

We’ve designed ProtectionGuruPro to be as easy to use as possible, indeed a quality comparison report can be generated in just a few minutes, but we’d still recommend advisers join a webinar to familaise themselves with how to use ProtectionGuruPro. We’ve also created a simple user guide as well, which explains every step of the process with some easy to digest graphics and text, which you can find here.

Over the next few weeks and months we’ll also be focusing on some of the features of ProtectionGuruPro and certain aspects of our benchmarking methodology, so keep an eye out for these dedicated insights as well.  

With our core mission at Protection Guru aimed at growing the protection market and ensuring more individuals and families are protected, we’ve created ProtectionGuruPro to help advisers have better protection conversations with their clients and support quality driven product recommendations. We’re pleased to have seen plenty of advisers using ProtectionGuruPro in the first week since launching and look forward to working with more of you over the next few months.

A reminder as well, that thanks to the sponsorship of HSBC Life, ProtectionGuruPro is completely free for advisers to use until the end of August.

Turning to our regular Protection Guru content last week, our main analysis insight was Wednesday’s piece by Amanda Newman-Smith, looking at which insurers offer legal support to business protection clients.

Business protection insurance unfortunately remains an undersold protection solution, as evidenced by Swiss Re’s recent analysis which highlighted just a 2% growth in new business in 2021. The gap in protection provisions of many UK companies leaves them seriously exposed to the risk of financial hardship, or worse still collapse, should the worst happen to one of their key people or owners. We’ve produced a range of content at Protection Guru on business protection, which we would encourage advisers to read and familiarise themselves with.

Finally, a reminder for anyone who may have missed it, tomorrow is our June Protection Forum. Advisers can sign up for their free ticket here.

We’ll be discussing standards, practices and behaviours of advised protection intermediaries and how the industry can drive better consumer outcomes, with Tom Bargarie from LifeSearch opening the session and sharing some his thoughts on some of the key issues and challenges. Given the importance of this topic, we look forward to welcoming and hearting from as many advisers as possible on the forum.

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