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How can insurers better engage with Tech to make advisers lives easier?

How can insurers better engage with Tech to make advisers lives easier?

As we approach the holiday season, It’s the perfect opportunity to recharge and get ready to tackle the challenges of what continues to be a busy time for the industry. With Consumer Duty now in effect, it’s crucial to ensure that all businesses are well-prepared and operating smoothly.

Looking ahead to our upcoming Protection Forum on 5th September 2023, we are eager to hear from Advisers on the topic of ‘How can Insurers improve engagement with the technology you use to make your lives easier?’ Your valuable opinions on this matter are highly appreciated, and we also encourage Insurers to share the steps they are taking to enhance their technology offerings. Please reach out to the team at [email protected] to participate in the discussion.

We’re thrilled to announce that HSBC Life, Scottish Widows, and Royal London Group will be joining the forum from September onwards. This is fantastic news, as we believe diverse participation from various Insurers is crucial for fostering positive change in the industry. We stand united in our commitment to drive progress, and the protection industry serves as a leading ‘force for change’ – a legacy we hope will endure.

On a related note, we’ve been overwhelmed by the immense interest and adoption of the ’30-day free trial’ offer for PGPro. Some of you might be wondering what PGPro is.

So, let me explain: PGPro is a groundbreaking technology solution designed to streamline and enhance an Adviser’s protection research work. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, PGPro empowers you to work smarter and more effectively in the fast-paced world of insurance. Find out more here:

We hope you’ll take advantage of the free trial to experience the benefits firsthand. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance with PGPro.

Once again, we look forward to engaging with you all during the Protection Forum and celebrating the industry’s ongoing commitment to positive transformation. Together, let’s continue driving progress and excellence in the world of insurance.

Safe travels and enjoy your holidays! I will see you in a couple of week…….cocktails, and lots of reading awaiting me in Turkey!

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Niki Cooke has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, in particular in the advise-tech sector, where she has worked for the likes of iPipeline, Intelliflo and Twenty7Tec Group. Niki recently joined FTRC/Protection Guru as Chief Revenue Officer, supporting the business in it’s growth and development of protection focused adviser research tools and working with the wider industry to help grow the protection market.

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