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Has delayed medical evidence cause a bad client outcome

Electronic GP reports have many benefits. The speed at which reports are returned to insurers is clearly the obvious and important benefit however they can also reduce the risk of data breaches, reduce the use of paper and as such carbon footprints and save distributors, GP’s and insurers money.

Where an insurer uses electronic GP report services, they typically receive 40-45% of reports via this method. We want to increase this percentage and are working with the Protection Distributors Group (PDG) and the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries (AMI) to highlight the benefits of using electronic GP report services and highlighting the implications of delayed GP reports on clients.

To support this initiative we want to hear of any stories you may have where a delayed GP report has led to a bad outcome for your client(s). Have you had;

  • A client become ill whilst awaiting for a GP report to be returned and as such offered higher premiums, postponed or even declined when cover would have been offered if the report was returned sooner?
  • A client that would have been able to claim on their policy if a GP report was returned sooner and the policy been put in force?
  • A client or their family wait a disproportionately long time to have their claim approved as medical evidence took a long time?

If you have an example of any of these or indeed any other example where a client has been adversely affected by delayed medical evidence we want to know.

Each example will help us highlight the practical impact of delayed medical evidence to further the industry’s push for all GP surgeries to use electronic GP report services.


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