To help advisers get to grips with the fast moving COVID-19 situation and the imapact this is having on protection, we have created pages dedicated to answering the questions you want answered. To obtain more granular and consistent data we have gone out to each insurer with the questions you have been asking which will be updated in real time in order to help you understand what is happening.


The latest statements from insurers on how they are approaching COVID-19 all on one page.


We have put together a set of questions that advisers want to know the answer to with regard to how applications are being underwritted and what the client must disclose to protect themselves from unintentional non-disclosure.


We have put together a set of questions that advisers want to know the answer to with regard to what is excluded from plans and how insurers are approaching claims across the different product types.

Keeping Policies in Force

Premium Holiday

Benefit Reduction

Sabbatical/Career Break

Premium Waiver

Cancelled Policies

Bounced Direct Debits


Relevant insights

Where will COVID-19 cause critical illness claims

It is fair to say that the coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the protection market. Whilst much of the focus has been on income protection which is  the most affected benefit type, it is expected that claims will also rise for  life and critical illness....

The Minimum Benefit Guarantee – A Safety net for Income Protection plans

Changes in working patterns is causing greater fluctuations in individuals’ income during their careers. Workers are increasingly making career moves or switching to part-time roles as they grow older, which could see their income level fall. As well as changing...

Which insurers offer the best support during claims?

Protection policy holders will hope that they or their family never have to make a claim on their protection plan(s). In the current environment however it is likely that insurers will experience a dramatic increase in claims across all benefit types and at such times...

Who provides additional support to hospitalised clients?

In the midst of the current Coronavirus pandemic, the NHS is gearing up for a massive increase in hospital admissions as more and more people require treatment when suffering from the virus. Whilst Income Protection plans are designed to subsidise a loss of income due...

Providing Emotional Support – How Do Counselling Services Differ?

The impact of losing a loved one, becoming seriously ill or injured affects far more than just a consumer’s financial life. Additionally in the current environment there are a lot of people who are suffering stress related to the impact of COVID-19 on their family and...