To help advisers get to grips with the fast moving COVID-19 situation and the impact this is having on protection, we have created pages dedicated to answering the questions you want answered. To obtain more granular and consistent data we have gone out to each insurer with the questions you have been asking which will be updated in real time in order to help you understand what is happening.

Furloughed Clients


The latest statements from insurers on how they are approaching COVID-19 all on one page.


We have put together a set of questions that advisers want to know the answer to with regard to how applications are being underwritted and what the client must disclose to protect themselves from unintentional non-disclosure.


We have put together a set of questions that advisers want to know the answer to with regard to what is excluded from plans and how insurers are approaching claims across the different product types.

Keeping Policies in Force

Premium Holiday / Premium Deferral

Benefit Reduction

Sabbatical/Career Break

Premium Waiver

Cancelled Policies

Bounced Direct Debits


Relevant insights

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Over recent months, with Covid-19 stretching NHS resources and isolation and social distancing reducing mobility, obtaining a GP appointment within a reasonable timescale has been a challenge. Even now, with lockdown easing, many clients will be reluctant to put...

Which policies cover critical illness during underwriting?

For many advisers, the coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in protection enquiries. This is great news, however social distancing and the strain the virus has placed on the NHS has meant that obtaining medical evidence for clients with disclosures has in some...

What cover do insurers offer before a LIFE policy is put in force?

When a client makes that decision to commit to buying protection, like any buying decision we make, they’re likely to want the cover in place as quickly as possible. Often, and especially in recent times, obtaining medical evidence, can be a painful and time consuming...

Which insurers make it easier to increase business protection?

Business protection can provide a financial lifeline to businesses by paying out a sum of money in the unfortunate event of the loss of a key person or partner/shareholder. Setting up a business protection policy to provide financial security to a company can be...

When is financial evidence required on business protection cases?

The death of a key person or shareholder can have significant impacts on a business and threaten its ability to continue running. With many business owners being time-poor, advisers will want to minimise the number of requests for information made to the business....