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Are protection products flexible enough to meet clients’ demands in 2024 and beyond?

About The Author

Jessie Leworthy

Jessie joined FTRC whilst studying for her BSc in Banking and Finance as an intern, and is now here full time. Whilst working at FTRC she has won 'Trainee of the Year' at the Europe FinTech Awards. Originally from Devon, in her spare time she enjoys surfing and spending time at the beach.

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  1. david berry

    here we go again flexibility is key all insurers should allow career breaks on all products

    and i can tell you exactly what the best policy is out there forget all your critical illness i am better and you and why income protection One that will sell like hot cakes its the £8 month policy from wait for it Aviva
    Global treatment take it up to age 91 max or 50 years if under 41 that is what i call a policy and you all know it so not even wasting my breath children covered as well in that and do not mention funeral cost or either compliance or nasty claim management firms will be all over you
    you leave it as a legacy in trust get a shedload of cover life cover and overseas medical care to boot and digcare usual extra everyone seems to be bringing out hardly surprising with state of play in health and economy
    just need to give the reassurance guys a kick up teh backside they are the biggest problem


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