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A case study for Terminal Illness, simplifying consumer documentation and the much anticipated AMI ViewPoint

A case study for Terminal Illness, simplifying consumer documentation and the much anticipated AMI ViewPoint

Last week, I had the opportunity to catch up with the award-winning author, Hazel Carter, to discuss her book ‘Life’s Good.’ This book is an incredibly inspirational true story that centres around the themes of love and living well despite a terminal illness.

The story takes a poignant turn when Hazel’s husband, Alan, receives a heart-wrenching diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the most prevalent form of motor neurone disease (MND). Their lives were forever altered by this devastating news. In the face of a grim prognosis – a life expectancy of merely six months to two years with no hope of a cure – this remarkable couple chose not to succumb to despair.

Instead, they embarked on an extraordinary journey that included a once-in-a-lifetime overseas vacation, four cherished getaways within the UK, and numerous meaningful social gatherings. Throughout this period, Alan’s body gradually yielded to the relentless progression of the disease, making him dependent on a ventilator to breathe.

Reflecting on their journey, Hazel remarked, “The story truly emphasises the importance of making the most of our time, living life to the fullest, and maintaining a positive mindset.”

Hazel further emphasises the importance of having comprehensive safeguards in place, such as life assurance, lasting power of attorney, and wills. She believes these are essential considerations when individuals are of sound mind.

In addition to her writing, Hazel is deeply committed to public speaking. She passionately advocates for resilience, courage, and determination as vital attributes in all aspects of life. She draws parallels between these qualities and the world of sales targets, underlining the fundamental role of mindset in achieving positive outcomes.

Looking ahead, Hazel is keen on speaking at the Parkinson’s charity, where she hopes to share her story and offer support to both staff and patients. This cause deeply resonates with myself, and there is a strong desire for Hazel and I to collaborate our efforts to make a difference in the realm of this life-altering disease.

I have already been captivated by several excerpts from the book, therefore I have purchased a copy. It’s worth noting that all proceeds from book sales go to charity. You can find the book at this link: Life’s Good – It’s the disease that’s the problem This could be a wonderful Christmas present for colleagues, friends and loved ones.

With warm wishes for Hazel’s future endeavours, she truly stands as an incredible source of inspiration to us all. Wishing her the very best on her journey.

We will be holding our forum on Tuesday 7th November on the subject of ‘How can consumer documentation be simplified’ We have a great array of speakers sharing their views including Advisers and Insurers. Please do book your place here and add to the debate.

Stacy Penn from AMI will also share her thoughts at the forum , and a reminder of the forthcoming AMI Viewpoint outputs session on Wednesday 8th November.

Some of the initial results that AMI have already shared are extremely interesting:


  • The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries (AMI) shares some initial findings ahead of its annual Protection Viewpoint Report, in partnership with Legal & General and Royal London.
  • Following introduction of the FCA Consumer Duty on 31 July, AMI’s research highlights the initial impact on firms.
  • AMI Protection Viewpoint – The Perception Gap – launches on 8 November.

Please make sure you register here for the virtual launch event –

also on protection guru last week

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Niki Cooke has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, in particular in the advise-tech sector, where she has worked for the likes of iPipeline, Intelliflo and Twenty7Tec Group. Niki recently joined FTRC/Protection Guru as Chief Revenue Officer, supporting the business in it’s growth and development of protection focused adviser research tools and working with the wider industry to help grow the protection market.

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