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This page provides a directory of links to external adviser resources, information or sales aids offered by LV=, that are relevant to the broad issue of the cost of living crisis. Some of the information linked to here will focus specifically on the cost of living crisis, whilst there may be other resources not specifically aimed at this subject, but which we believe will be useful for advisers concerned about the impact of the cost of living on their clients or during protection conversations with potential clients.


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LV= offer webinars on a range of subjects, including topics related to the cost of living crisis. They’re easy to sign up for and all webinars are CPD accredited.

Advisers may be especially interested in the two following webinars:

Remortgage and Protect

“In this webinar we’ll look at the growing remortgage market and the opportunities this presents for plugging the protection gap. We’ll consider clients’ changing circumstances and how LV= can help you to achieve good customer and business outcomes. Packed with ideas, data, practical examples and straightforward activity, you’ll gain some clear actions as a result.”

Cost of Living Crisis

“As the current cost of living continues to rise, for many households this has brought significant stress. It paints a challenging landscape for the protection industry, for both advisers and providers to navigate. Many of your clients may be questioning if they can even afford protection but the question is can your clients afford not to have protection? In this webinar we’ll consider insights about family financial resilience, and explore how you can demonstrate the value of clients’ existing protection policies as well as offering more affordable options to those who are feeling the effects of the current situation.”

Click here to view the full LV= webinar calendar

Fuel for Life Digi-zine

LV=’s Fuel for Life digital magazine focuses exclusively on protection and provides advisers with a wealth of information on all things protection related. The newsletter contains insights, thought leadership and latest news, including on the cost of living crisis.

You can download the latest issue here: ‘Fuel for Life. Helping you protect your clients’ income and everyday life’. Advisers may in particular wish to turn to page 6: ‘The protection crisis: keeping your clients protected’, where LV=’s Director of Protection Sales, Mike Farrell, considers some of the ways advisers can support their clients at a time of tightening budgets.

“The impact of a life shock for someone without protection could be far more hard-hitting financially, especially when the purse strings are tightened, than for someone who has their main risks covered. Too often we see protection on the culling list when it comes to managing finances. But, the value of protection can be infinite. So we have a job to do over the next few months, whilst the impacts haven’t fully hit everyone, to really remind and re-explain this value to customers.”

Mike Farrell, Director of Protection Sales, LV=

Click here to view all issues of Fuel for Life

Adviser tools and calculators

Whilst not specific to the cost of living crisis, we believe these tools and calculators offered by LV= are nonetheless a useful aid during conversations with both new and existing clients. With prospective clients who are unsure about spending money on protection insurance, these calculators can be helpful in highlighting the risks and building a case for why protection insurance is essential, even when budgets are tight.

For existing clients who may be considering cancelling their cover, these calculators can help build a case for why that might not be a good idea, and a useful way of reminding clients of the risks and why they arranged cover in the first place.

Risk Reality Calculator 

Use the Risk Reality Calculator to calculate what the chances are of your client falling ill with a critical illness, being incapable of working due to ill health or dying before their retirement age. 

Income Protection Shortfall Calculator

Personal Sick Pay Shortfall Calculator 

These two calculators highlight the income shortfall a client would experience if they didn’t have income protection (or Personal Sick Pay) cover in place. The calculator takes into consideration entitlement to potential state benefits and usually highlights that for most clients they would face serious financial hardship without adequate protection cover in place should the worst happen.

Find out more about LV=’s protection proposition on their dedicated Showcase Pages:


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