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Protection Guru has worked with LV= to create a concise objective analysis of their product range.

LV= in their own words

“At LV=, we have a strong heritage of protecting not only lives, but livelihoods. Our ambition is to broaden access to the protection market and be more inclusive for those customers who need protection the most. That’s why we’re focussed on building propositions that are tailored to specific client groups, creating journeys that make it easy to do business with us and promoting the value of quality advice.

Modern families are diverse and ever changing, and so are their protection needs. We believe that protection requires more than a single insurance policy and more than just a financial safety net. With an LV= Flexible Protection Plan you can protect your client’s income and support their family through illness, death and everyday life.

Our comprehensive plan offers quality cover for the whole family, protecting them financially. It also offers additional services to support them emotionally and practically in the moments that matter. And, we understand that all your clients are unique, that’s why we include flexible options, allowing you to tailor the plan to their protection needs, budget and lifestyle as well as adapt their cover throughout their life.”

Personal Protection Options

Your clients face multiple risks in their lifetime, so you’ll probably recommend more than just one protection policy to ensure their financial risks are fully protected. LV= offer a range of protection solutions within their menu plan.

What’s New from lv=?

LV= have extended their critical illness range, now offering more choice to protect your clients, whether they’re after affordability, or extra peace of mind.

The new LV= Life and Critical Illness Cover covers 41 conditions, including 39 full payment conditions and two additional payment conditions for early stage breast cancer and prostate cancer (up to £30,000, or 25% of the amount of cover if lower). There are also enhanced payments for nine conditions including blindness, loss of hand or foot or third degree burns. This new variant doesn’t automatically include children’s cover.

Their existing product remains in place, renamed LV= Life and Enhanced Critical Illness cover. This version continues to cover 87 conditions including 49 full payment conditions. It also includes children’s cover automatically.

Both versions of the product are available within the LV= Flexible Protection Plan – that’s the LV= menu plan – and on both it’s possible to add Enhanced children’s cover at an additional cost, and at any point after the plan is taken out.

Covering the most claimed for conditions and more:

  • Covers 41 conditions in total including 9 enhanced claim payments.
  • Children’s cover not included as standard, but there’s the option to add Enhanced Children’s Cover at an additional cost.

Comprehensive cover for extra peace of mind

  • Covers 87* conditions in total including 17 enhanced claim payments.
  • Increased coverage and support for cancer.
  • Includes Standard Children’s Cover at no extra cost with option to upgrade.

* 20 of these conditions are covered under 1 additional payment definition – ‘Less advanced cancers

Optional cover with both Life and Critical Illness policies

Children are covered from birth to their 23rd birthday for:

  • 95* conditions including 10 child specific illnesses.
  • Cover for 6 pregnancy complications (for life insured).

* 20 of these conditions are covered under 1 additional payment definition – ‘Less advanced cancers

All of LV=’s protection policies include access to everyday emotional and practical support


Life Insurance
  • Wide range of Guaranteed Increase Options (including rental increases) which are also available on cases with a rating of up to +200%
  • Separation option for joint life cases if the lives assured divorce/dissolve a civil partnership
  • An optional £10,000 advanced payment offered which will be paid within 24 hours on notification of death
  • No limit on the length of time a client can spend overseas
  • Available on a Family Income Benefit basis
Critical Illness Insurance
  • Comprehensive cover offered as standard for the life assured
  • Offer optional Enhanced Children’s cover which provides additional cover for a range of child specific illnesses
  • £1,000 cost of cancer diagnosis paid to any client meeting a cancer definition
  • Will pay 50% of the sum assured up to a maximum of £30,000 for additional payment conditions
  • Will double the amount of cover up maximum of £200,000 for certain conditions if diagnosed at a young age or caused by an accident or major organ event
  • 0-day survival period for children’s critical illness
  • Children’s conversion option allowing the life assured’s child to take out a policy of their own without underwriting when they’re no longer covered by their parents’ policy
Income Protection Insurance
  • Provide options for low risk occupations (Income Protection), higher risk occupations (Personal Sick Pay) and cover for mortgage or rental payments with no financial underwriting (Mortgage and Rent Cover)
  • Covers up to 60% of the life assured’s income
  • Low cost options available providing a short term benefit payment period of 12 (Income Protection) or 24 months (Income Protection and Personal Sick Pay)
  • Bespoke offering for doctors, surgeons, dentists and teachers
  • Parent and Child Cover provides the life assured with a lump sum payment if their child suffers a specific illness or undergoes a specific operation (Income Protection only)
  • Fracture cover included at no additional cost (Income Protection only)
  • Can waiver premiums for up to 6 months if the client is involuntarily made unemployed
  • Up to £10,000 paid on death
Executive Income Protection

Through LV= Executive Income Protection you can help provide business owners and their people with financial security and valuable everyday support. Designed with smaller businesses in mind, the policy can help cover the cost of providing sick pay to employees.

  • Available as part of the LV= Business Protection menu plan.
  • Usually classed as a tax-deductible expense for the employer and it can be more tax efficient than personal income protection for the employee.
  • LV= will cover 80% of the insured person’s combined earnings, up to a maximum cover amount of £300,000 a year. The policy can also cover employer pension scheme and National Insurance Contributions.
  • LV= provide valuable benefits for the employer through LV= Business Care and everyday emotional and practical support for the employee through LV= Doctor Services.
Mortgage and Rent Cover

Mortgage and Rent Cover is an outgoings based protection solution that protects your clients monthly mortgage or rental payments. It can help you protect more clients where traditional income protection wouldn’t always be suitable.

  • It’s ideal for clients with irregular earnings who may struggle to prove their income or hours worked.
  • It’s also a great option for your clients who are just starting out and getting on, or trying to get on the property ladder.
  • No proof of income or hours worked is needed. You’ll only need to validate the amount of cover isn’t more than your clients mortgage or rental payment by obtaining documentary evidence (such as mortgage offer or rental agreement).
  • Their Mortgage and Rent Guarantee means they’ll pay the full chosen amount of cover throughout the claim when your client is unable to work due to illness or injury.
  • Through LV= Doctor Services and their Member Care Line they can provide quick, convenient access to a range of everyday emotional and practical support services.

In addition to these key benefits, LV= offer access to their their 24/7 Member Care line, plus the LV= Doctor Services app including remote GP, Second Medical Opinion, Mental Health Support and Physiotherapy on all policies.


LV= are there for clients when they need them most and through everyday life. Your clients have access to 6 expert medical advice services – all accessible via their app or by phone, wherever they are:

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Remote GP 24/7


Prescription services


Second Opinion


Remote Physiotherapy


Remote Psychological Support


Discounted Health MOTs


The LV= Member Care Line ensures your client and their family have access to valuable day-to-day support 24/7 and free of charge:

  • Health advice from qualified doctors and nurses
  • Lifestyle support for general health and wellbeing
  • Counselling from qualified counsellors for in the moment support
  • 16-23 mental health helpline providing dedicated support for young adults

2021 Claims Statistics

Over 2,000 individual clients

  whose income was replaced as a result of sickness or illness preventing them from working in 2021 (including in payment claims).

Over 360 families and individuals

 financially supported, where they, a loved one or child was diagnosed with a critical illness in 2021.

Over 6,600 families

 financially supported following the death or terminal illness of a loved one in 2021.

Life Protection
Critical Illness
Income Protection
Personal Sick Pay
Percentage of claims paid
Total value of claims paid
Average payment
£6,621 p.a.
£1,869 p.a.
Highest payment
£70,835 (over full claim duration)
£16,935 (over full claim duration)
Average time policies were in force
8 years 11 months
6 years 6 months
7 years 5 months
3 years 10 months


* LV= Life Insurance figures include claims paid for Life Insurance, Terminal illness and Whole of Life products (including  some non-underwritten guaranteed whole of life products). Their whole of life products are no longer available.
**Includes claims made before 1 January 2021 that were still in payment in 2021.

Claims Assessors at LV=

Claims hub and claims report

Areas for improvement

  • Do not offer critical illness on a family income benefit basis
  • Do not offer as wide a range of preventative services which can help clients lead healthier lifestyles pre claim such as help improving fitness and nutrition.
  • We would like more to be done to provide clients with access to their plan post a policy being put in force in terms of annual statements, online access to their plan details and the ability to make changes to their plan online

Protection Guru has worked with LV= to create a concise objective analysis of their product range. LV= have had input to the design of this page and contributed to the cost of this construction maintenance, however Protection Guru have maintained editorial control over the content to ensure objectivity.

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