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Jessie Leworthy

Jessie joined FTRC whilst studying for her BSc in Banking and Finance as an intern, and is now here full time. Whilst working at FTRC she has won 'Trainee of the Year' at the Europe FinTech Awards. Originally from Devon, in her spare time she enjoys surfing and spending time at the beach.


  1. david berry

    its interesting you make note of technology undewrite me can give an absolute quote of what a client will pay from a provider and what they quote is then the actual premium the client will pay once submitted to the provider. Of course it requires you to submit the full application with all details medical
    problem is that following providers are not on panel Aviva Legal and General and Zurich and the first 2 work from not just BMI but waist size and dress size for women Aviva any one over bmi of 26 will ask for above all women dress size of over 16 will be rates 25% minimum all men with waist size 40 will be rates 25% irrespective of bmi same legal and general. Zurich along with remainder go off just bmi size probably that is around 45% of all women men dread to think.
    Solution builder although excellent on detailing benefits do not have even this just bmi .
    Unless you can get all providers quoting on one principle nothing will change and aig being taken over does not help although Aviva could clean up with global treatment if more lenient
    Basically they want healthy preferable young people, and come to it vitality for all their publicity not doing that great considering a joint policy negated the double cover they offer/to get best you need individual policies and that is from their bdms not my thoughts
    This is where the real problem starts

  2. david berry

    just as footnote to my last comment not even mentioned income protection which the FCA are all over recommending even 1 year and 2 year benefits plus life cover especially for mortgage holders
    and on this footnote shame on them for not bringing in compulsory life cover for all mortgage holders and forget all these who are bleating it stops people getting mortgages ( a footnote those with religious beliefs or who are unable to get insurance would be exempt)
    The lender would assign policies to stop cancellation which they used too.

    As far has Aviva taking over Aig disaster, for income protection since anyone with bmi over 30 in trouble on cost when nearly all the Friendly Societies are allowing Bmi up to 35 for anyone 50 and above and in between for much younger lives


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