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This page provides a directory of links to external adviser resources, information or sales aids offered by AIG, that are relevant to the broad issue of the cost of living crisis. Some of the information linked to here will focus specifically on the cost of living crisis, whilst there may be other resources not specifically aimed at this subject, but which we believe will be useful for advisers concerned about the impact of the cost of living on their clients or during protection conversations with potential clients.


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Help & information

AIG have pulled together information on how to get in touch with them and the sifferent types of support they offer for those that need a little extra help. Their help and information page includes details the support they provide in terms of;

  • Claims
  • Finances
  • Policy information
  • Other support available to customers
  • Additional benefits


AIG provide options for consumers who are encountering financial difficulties. These include;

  • Deferred premiums
  • Reduction of cover

This page highlights the options available and the practical impact of using these options. Of particular use is a frequently asked questions section designed to ensure that the client understands what they are doing and whether it is the right choice for them.

Value of Protection

AIGs “One Chat” campaign encourages advisers to speak to their clients on the value of protection, emphasising the importance of sustained communication around added value benefits. The message comes from the fact that many people are thinking of cancelling their insurance to make their money stretch, but would think twice if they knew the full value of their protection.

Adviser tools and calculators

For existing clients who may be considering cancelling their cover, AIG’s Income Protection Calculator shows the risk of a person becoming ill and unable to work.

Find out more about AIG’s protection proposition on their dedicated Showcase Pages:


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