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Protection Guru has worked with Zurich to create a concise objective analysis of their product range.

Zurich in their own words

Zurich Income Protection will provide your clients with a monthly income when they’re too ill or injured to work. Zurich offer two comprehensive levels of cover that can be tailored to your clients’ needs and can be easily changed as their lives change. Cover can be increased or decreased and benefits such as Multi-fracture cover can be added or removed at any time. Alongside a wide range of benefits, Zurich offer rehabilitation services provided by a team of professional nurses, mental health specialists and physios to help your clients get better.

Features for different demographics of client

When recommending income protection, it is important that the needs of each individual client are recognised. Whether the client has budget constraints, wants to start or increase their family or have a specific sick pay scheme their income protection plan needs to be able to adapt. 


Full Term or Short Term

Although a full term benefit payment period is always preferable, this may not be affordable for all clients. As well as a full term benefit option, Zurich also provide a 2-year benefit payment period to help advisers protect those with less disposible income.


Maternity, paternity & adoption

Being on maternity, paternity or adoption leave should not affect your entitlement to income protection if you become ill or injured. Where a client does become ill during such a time, Zurich will base their benefit on their net earnings 12 months prior to taking leave. 


NET Income

Zurich base the maximum allowable benefit on NET earnings, which is beneficial for those on low to mid incomes and easier for clients to understand.


Flexible deferred periods

Being able to match a client’s sick pay scheme is vital to ensure that there is no period where they are out of pocket. Zurich offer a wide range of single and dual deferred period options that can be easily change if the client changes employer. 


Career break

There are times in life when a client might want to take a break from work and spend an extended period of time doing something they have always wanted to do. Zurich’s career break feature enables clients to reduce their benefit level (as long as the plan has been in force for 12 months) to as little as £250 per month for up to 12 months, after which their benefit will increase to previous levels without underwriting. 


Doctors & Surgeons

Doctors and surgeons that work for the NHS have a tiered sick pay scheme. To help ensure that such clients are covered from the moment their income reduces, Zurich provide sick pay matching plus an increased minimum benefit guarantee of £3,000 per month

Support to help your clients return and stay in work

The support an insurer provides to help a client return to the workplace and remain healthy is just as important as the financial support whilst the client recovers. Zurich provide a range of services and features to ensure that where possible a client is able to get back to work faster than they might have otherwise and that their return to work does not inadvertantly impact their ongoing health. 

Physical Rehabilitation

Zurich have a team of rehabilitation nurses and physiotherapists who will work with the client’s doctors to arrange treatment. If Zurich do not have the specific specialism required to support the client’s condition, then they may pay for private treatment.

Key benefits

  • Available at any time, regardless of whether a claim has been made or not
  • Provides occupational therapy, physiotherapy, complimentary therapies and talking therapies.
  • No limit to the use of these services

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Mental Rehabilitation

Zurich also have a team of mental health specialists that can work with the client where their mental health is suffering. Again where a client requires a specific treatment not available within the Zurich team, they may source and pay for this privately. 

Key benefits

  • Available at any time, regardless of whether a claim has been made or not
  • Can be accessed face to face, via telephone, email and online.
  • Full costs of the service are covered

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Top 5 reasons for rehabilitation


Mental Health









Engagement with the employer

When a client is fit enough to return to work in some capacity, it is important this return does not negatively impact their rehabilitation. To support such clients, Zurich will engage with the employer where a phased return to work or a change in the working environment is required in order to support both parties and facilite the necessary conversations and changes to employment. 

Key benefits

  • Assistance in agreeing a date for the client to return to work
  • Assistance in agreeing suitable working hours
  • Assistance in agreeing a staged return plan
  • Assistance with environmental changes that may need to be made to accommodate the return to work
  • Ongoing review of clients’ return to work to ensure it is not detrimental to their rehabilitation

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Proportionate benefits

When returning to work on a limited capacity, it is likely that a client will not be earning the level of income they received before their incapacity. To ensure that the client is not financially impacted in such a scenario, Zurich will continue to pay a reduced in line with the difference between the pre and post incapacity earnings. 

Proportionate benefits will continue to be paid until the client’s income returns to the level of pre-incapacity. 

Key benefits

  • Will be paid if income is reduced due to a limited return to work, starting a different occupation or employer or a phased return to work. 
  • No limit on how long proportionate benefits will be paid for
  • The effect of inflation on income from date of initial incapacity to the return to work is taken into account when calculating the proportionate benefit. 

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Benefits to provide added support when something bad happens

The core of any income protection plan is the monthly benefit it will provide if a client is ill or injured and unable to work. There are many situations however, where this may still not be enough as a client might need to take time off work due to a family members illness or injury or access to a lump for a range of different reasons. Zurich provide a range of features within the Select Income Protection offering which can provide such additional benefits as see below: 

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Caring for a family member


Being hospitalised


Life changing conditions


Accidental HIV or Hepatitis infection


Death during the policy

Cover that can adapt to your clients’ life

As clients progress through their life, their income and expenditure will change and Perhaps more than any other benefit type, it is important that the benenfits provided by an income protection plan keep pace with these changes to ensure that if the worst did happen they are suitably covered.

Zurich’s critical illness plans enable advisers to change the level of cover the client has online without the need of paper applications and as such ensure that the client always has suitable cover in place for their specific needs at any given time. 

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Milestone benefits


Increasing cover


Decreasing cover

Claims Statistics H1 2020


Most common reasons for a claim
Income Protection
Musculoskeletal disorders
Mental Health


Tools and Support


Zurich have created a range of tools to support advisers, their businesses and aid discussions with clients around income protection. The tools include:

  • Maximum monthly benefits caculator 
  • Dual deferred period maximum benefit calculator
  • Medical evidence and BMI calculator
  • Occupational guide tool
  • Direct Debit collection date tool

Click here to access these tools

Life Protection Platform Support

Zurich’s Life Protection Platform is hugely powerful and provides advisers with a huge amount of information. It gives advisers the ability to manage not only their new business pipeline but also their in force policies removing the need for paper forms. To help advisers navigate the platform and get the most from the system, Zurich have provided a range of videos and answers to their most frequently asked questions. These cover: 

  •  Quote and Apply
  • Underwriting decisions
  • Issuing policies
  • Policy servicing

Click here to find out more

Areas for improvement

  • Using NET income when calculating the maximum benefit means that Zurich will provide a lower maximum sum assured for high income earners (income in excess of £100,000 p.a.) compared to others.
  • Could extend their doctors and surgeons benefits to other NHS staff.
  • Do not provide a terminal illness benefit

Protection Guru has worked with Zurich to create a concise objective analysis of their product range. Zurich have had input to the design of this page and contributed to the cost of the construction and maintenance, however Protection Guru have maintained editorial control over the content to ensure objectivity.

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