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MetLife in their own Words

At MetLife, we understand that the unexpected can happen at any time, and that when it does, having financial support in place can help people focus on the most important things; their health, and those closest to them.

That’s why our unique insurance policies are designed with our customers at their heart; so that when they have an accident or are ill, they have the support they really need in the moments that matter.

EverydayProtect provides protection against everyday accidents such as broken bones, hospitalisations, and some life changing injuries that could happen at any time.

Because cover is provided in units, it can provide a budget-friendly, low-cost protection option, as well as flexibility to a range of lifestyles and needs too, including active lifestyle cover for tendon ruptures, dislocations, and ligament tears.

1 unit
2 units
3 units
4 units
5 units
Core Cover
£10 per month
£20 per month
£30 per month
£40 per month
£50 per month
Child Cover
£2 per month
£4 per month
£6 per month
£8 per month
£10 per month
Active Lifestyle Cover
£1 per month
£2 per month
£3 per month
£4 per month
£5 per month


EverydayProtect is non-underwritten, so clients with previous medical conditions, or those unable to take out other types of cover can take out a policy.

To find out more, including MetLife’s product brochure and summary of benefits, visit their website

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Until now, parents have needed to take out a policy for themselves if they wanted to protect their children, but that’s not always a viable option.​ That’s why MetLife launched ChildShield.

ChildShield is a standalone child protection product that can provide financial protection in the event a child suffers from accidents, hospitalisations, as well as certain serious illnesses such as cancer, type-1 diabetes, and more.

Because it’s not an add-on to existing policies, your clients don’t need to take out a policy for themselves to apply for cover.​ It means that now, many more people can take out cover for their children – even if they haven’t been able to get, or don’t want, cover for themselves.

ChildShield covers all children in the family up to 23 years old – including stepchildren and children who no longer live within the same household, and what’s more, there’s no limit to the number of claims that can be made.


ChildShield Standard

£6 per month

ChildShield Plus

£11 per month

Minor broken bone £100 £200
Major broken bone £300 £600
Hospitalisation per 24-hours* £50 £100
Intensive care unit (ICU) admission per 24-hours £150 £300
Bacterial Meningitis









Type-1 diabetes
Rheumatic fever
Benign Brain Tumour


*Hospitalisation for illness, self-inflicted injuries and pregnancy related complications are covered once the policy has been held for 12-months.

To find out how your clients can protect all their children from just £6 per month, visit MetLife’s website

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From first-time buyers to clients returning to the property market, everyone should be able to protect their home. MortgageSafe protects mortgage repayments if your clients have an accident or are ill and can’t work.

MortgageSafe makes the monthly repayments from the first day they’re unable to work, and can cover up to 110% of your clients’ mortgage repayments, up to £1,500 per month, for up to two years.

There are only five simple medical questions on accident and illness policies, and for those with previous medical conditions, there’s an accident-only option – so anyone can get some level of cover. What’s more, there’s no limit to the number of claims you can make.

To find out how MortgageSafe could be an alternative to income protection in the cases you need it, visit the website:

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Value Added Services

As part of their commitment to providing innovative protection solutions that support people when they really need it, MetLife also offer GP24 provided by HealthHero, and the Wellbeing Support Centre provided by Health Assured, as part of all their individual protection policies.

Health Assured is the leading wellbeing service in the UK and Ireland, and can provide;

  • A range of financial, mental, and physical wellbeing advice
  • Information via the ‘Wisdom’ app, available in both the Apple and Google stores
  • ‘In the moment’ support from qualified counsellors, legal advisors* and registered nurses
  • 24/7, year-round availability

HealthHero is a video or telephone GP appointment booking service that’s available to all MetLife individual protection policy holders. With HealthHero you can;

  • Speak to registered UK GPs 24/7, every day of the year
  • Get a Second Medical Opinion if you want to be sure of a diagnosis**
  • Book an appointment online in minutes – wherever you are in the world
  • Get a private prescription delivered at no cost***

To find out how MetLife’s unique range of protection products can help your clients cover everyday things in the moments that matter, email [email protected] and one of our protection experts will call you back.

*Legal assistance is provided by non-professional legal advisors (with at least four (4) years’ study, having a law degree, Legal Practice Course ‘LPC’ qualification or Master’s degree in Law)

**Two Second Medical Opinion appointments available per year per customer

***The prescription service is free, but does not cover the cost of any prescribed medication

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