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Access health and wellbeing support 24/7

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HSBC Life have partnered with Square Health who provide expert medical assistance and wellbeing support. Available to existing and new HSBC Life policyholders who apply via external distribution partners – benefits are accessible through the HSBC Life Online Health Services app.*

*HSBC Life Online Health Services are not part of the insurance cover. We have the right to change or remove these services at any time. This won’t affect your insurance.

What does Online Health Servces do for your clients?

HSBC Life’s app-based service provided by Square Health provides a range of benefits, such as expert medical assistance and wellbeing support with no consultation fees.

Benefits are automatically included with all Life Protection and CI Cover policies, for both new and existing policyholders.

Lets your clients proactively manage their health with fast access to medical experts, via the mobile app.

About HSBC Life’s partner, Square Health

Square Health was founded by practising doctors with more than 25 years of experience within the healthcare sector.

As a result, Square Health now provides expert medical services using the latest online technology.

The network includes over 5,000 UK-based medical professionals, including doctors and healthcare specialists. Full details can be found at

What services are available?

Your clients can access all six services. Children up to age 16 are covered for the Remote GP, Prescription Services and Second Opinion services.

Unlimited Remote GP

With 24/7 Remote GP Consultation clients can access the expertise of a qualified doctor wherever they are, at an appointment time that works for them. No waiting room necessary!

  • 5,000 leading GMC-registered UK doctors and medical specialists
  • All health history is securely encrypted
  • Q&A function available on the app at any time
  • Consultation via video (or telephone if the signal is weak)
  • Referral to a specialist or face-to-face appointment, if necessary
  • Unlimited consultations per policyholder per year
  • Includes consultations for children
Prescription Services

The Remote GP service is also able to write private prescriptions without the client needing to visit a surgery. Prescriptions are written as part of a Remote GP consultation.

  • No charge for writing the prescription itself
  • Doctor will outline the medicine cost before prescribing
  • The service is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  • Fit notes can also be prescribed, where appropriate, for a £15 fee
Second Medical Opinion

Clients can check a diagnosis, ask questions, and get advice on treatment options by speaking to a UK-based medical specialist by video call or face-to-face.

  • Consultation with a specialist matched to their diagnosis
  • Written report is only shared with their doctor if they request this
  • Referral to a specialist for face-to-face consultation, if recommended
  • Covers all medical conditions, including mental health
  • Up to a total of 2 consultations per policyholder per year (any child consultations are included in this)

Restoring movement and function, via an initial assessment, personalised treatment plan and up to 8 videocall physiotherapy consultations a year.

  • After consultation, a bespoke treatment plan may be created
  • Referral to a specialist or face-to-face appointment, if necessary
  • Recommended physio equipment can be posted out to the client
  • Up to 8 consultations per policyholder a year
  • (not available to children)
Annual Health MOT

Clients can arrange a Health MOT through the app, for annual assessment on more than 20 health markers using a simple blood test kit.

  • Initiate the Health MOT from the app
  • The client’s sample will be examined by an expert in Square Health’s designated laboratory
  • They will receive a clearly explained laboratory report
  • Available to each policyholder once per year
  • Covers over 20 health markers including:
    • Kidney health
    • Liver health
    • Bone health
    • Diabetes risk
    • Cholesterol status
Mental Health Support

Access an initial video assessment with therapists who specialise in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), counsellors and psychologists.

  • Access to therapists and psychologists
  • Covers all treatment areas including depression, anxiety and sleep disorders
  • Access online self-guided NICE-approved1CBT programmes
  • Referral to a specialist or face-to-face appointment, if necessary
  • Up to 8 consultations per policyholder a year
  • (not available to children)

Real life case studies

Case study 1 – Second Opinion

Ms H aged 34 took advantage of her HSBC Health Services during a period in her life when she sought some professional counselling. After downloading the app, she booked a therapy session available as part of the mental health support services.

After 5 weeks of regular video sessions with her counsellor, she began to feel in a much better place and felt her problem had been explored with a positive outcome and she had the tools in order to move forward. Overall, she noted the benefits as a very worthwhile addition to her protection cover from HSBC Life.

Source: customer interview, November 2023

Case study 2 – Remote GP

Madison, age 33, had a swelling on her eyelid. Her GP had prescribed an antibiotic cream, but the lump had returned and was increasingly painful. Maddie sought an urgent remote consultation with a GP via Square Health.

The remote GP was concerned that the problem was more serious than a simple infection, and advised her to visit A&E. She went immediately, was seen by an ophthalmologist and successfully treated.

Source: Square Health, June 2023

Protection Guru has worked with HSBC Life to create a concise objective analysis of their product range. HSBC Life have had input to the design of this page and contributed to the cost of this construction maintenance, however Protection Guru have maintained editorial control over the content to ensure objectivity.

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