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Cirencester Friendly in their own Words

We at Cirencester Friendly are the Income Protection Professionals. Providing you expert knowledge with a personal service and award-winning income protection contracts.

We’ve been income protection providers since 1890, and because we only offer individual protection products, we have a real interest in being good at what we do! With a strong focus and commitment, we passionately believe by working together, we can grow the protection market.

“Live now, because you never know the minute life changes.” – Anne Davies

The importance of income protection must be seen to be believed, and Anne’s story does just that.

We have produced our first-ever Member Testimonial Film, giving you the opportunity to showcase the significance of having income protection in place, helping to ensure the future security of your clients and their families.

Click here to view and share with your clients to help drive this message home.

Cirencester Friendly’s Income Protection Products

My Earnings Protected

  • Choice of claim period – Long-term or Short-term (2 years)
  • Own Occupation Cover
  • No premium loading for occupation, smoking or hazardous pursuits*
  • Guaranteed Premiums with a choice of Level or Annual Escalating**
  • Optional Severe Injury Cover, protecting against specific injuries from Day One
  • Wide range of deferred periods available, including split deferred
  • Cover up to 65% of earnings

* Excludes motor sports

** Subject to age band increases, indexation and contract changes

Income Assured Enhanced*

  • Own Occupation cover
  • No premium loading for occupation, smoking or hazardous pursuits**
  • Guaranteed Premiums***
  • Benefit payable from 1, 4, 8, 13, 26 or 52 weeks
  • Cover up to 60% of earnings
  • Guaranteed Insurability Options
  • Option to build a capital sum and share in Society’s profits

* Please Note: You must be regulated for investment business (CF30) by the Financial Conduct Authority in order to advise on Income Assured Enhanced

** Excludes motor sports

*** Subject to age band increases, indexation and contract changes

Terminal Illness Benefit

Cirencester Friendly include a Terminal Illness Benefit in both income protection contracts at no extra cost. If your client is diagnosed with an incurable illness that, in the opinion of their Doctor, is likely to result in their death within 12 months, your client can claim Terminal Illness Benefit. Cirencester Friendly’s Terminal Illness Benefit is paid as a single lump sum equivalent to six months benefit. They will also pay your client’s benefit in the normal way.

Occupational Absence

Cirencester Friendly offer a flexible occupational absence feature should your client need to take a break from working.

Income Assured Enhanced

Your client can apply to take a break from paying premiums for up to 12 months, without the need for further underwriting when they decide to resume cover. They call this a Career Break

My Earnings Protected

Your client can temporarily suspend their cover for a maximum of 12 months, without the need for further underwriting when they decide to resume cover.

My Extra Benefits

Cirencester Friendly’s range of enhancements that your clients can add on to their income protection contracts.

Fracture & Hospitalisation Benefit costs £6 per month – and Immediate Death Benefit costs £5 per month.

Added-Value Benefits

These are additional non-contributory discretionary benefits that do not form part of your client’s income protection policy.


Provides your client with a virtual GP service via telephone and video appointment with a qualified GP who can be available to your client, their partner and children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to access: To book a consultation call 0345 319 2881 or access the WebApp by visiting:


Children’s Critical Illness Support is there if your client’s child should fall ill with one of the ten listed illnesses, by providing them with a lump sum of £2,500.

How to apply: Call Cirencester Friendly’s Claims Team on 0800 587 5098 to request a claim form.


A confidential telephone service from a Personal Nurse. This can provide your client and their partner with practical help, emotional support, therapies and even second medical opinions.

How to access: Call Friendly Voice on 01244 625180 (Office Hours 9-5pm, Monday to Friday).

Your Halo

A personalised health and wellbeing service, including physical wellbeing, food & nutrition, good sleep and exercise and activity.

How to access: All services provided by healthcare rm are available Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm and can be accessed by calling their service on: 0333 577 8778 or appointments can be booked online at Cirencester-friendly – healthcare rm

Members Perks

Providing your client with a whole range of discounts and offers on popular brands such as M&S, EE, Apple and Halfords. They can also save on cinema tickets, gym membership and their weekly grocery shop.

How to access: To log in, they can visit and simply enter their name and Membership Number.


The 125 Foundation was established in 2015 to celebrate the Society's 125th Anniversary. The Foundation provides exclusive financial support to your clients, their communities or causes that are close to their hearts. Your client or you on their behalf, can apply for two types of awards:

Individual Awards are for the simple things that make a huge difference. You can nominate your clients who may be suffering hardship and could benefit from financial support. This can be anything from money towards the cost of new household equipment or a short break to recuperate.

Community Awards are for driving forward the local projects and causes that your client value and support. This could for example be money towards refurbishing the village hall to helping to set up a youth centre.

How to apply: You or your client can make an application to the 125 Foundation Committee by emailing [email protected].

Claim Statistics 2023

Cirencester Friendly paid out 95.8% of claims in 2023. They have now maintained an average of 94.5% for over 10 years!

The top reasons that Members claimed for were accidents, a variety of musculoskeletal issues and arthritis.

It goes to show that you never know what the future might have in store, but that it’s worth preparing for.

View Cirencester Friendly’s 2023 Claim Statistics


Cirencester Friendly are dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to help make the right choice for your clients, including their Underwriting Guide, written by their Underwriters themselves.

This outlines the most common medical conditions which may result in non-standard terms, as well as conditions they unfortunately can’t cover.

Access the Underwriting Guide here


Adviser Services

Cirencester Friendly’s Adviser Services Team can assist with any product, agency, or commission enquiries.

Call: 0800 587 5098.

Email: [email protected]


For any product, claims or general literature to support your income protection needs, please click below.

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