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Who are British Friendly? 

British Friendly was founded in 1902 and are specialists in Income Protection. With over a decade of experience supporting members, you can be sure that your clients are in safe hands. And, as a mutual, they have no shareholders so are run solely for the benefit of their members.

British Friendly’s Protect and Breathing Space Income Protection offering provides solutions for a range of clients, including the self-employed and the traditionally harder to insure such as manual workers, key workers and those who find it difficult to prove a regular income. Fracture Cover can also be added to your client’s new policy for a guaranteed £4 per month, to ensure they get the cover they need at an affordable price.

With Income Protection protecting your client’s financial wellbeing, British Friendly offer a range of added-value benefits to protect their physical and mental wellbeing too. Thanks to British Friendly’s discretionary programmes, Mutual Benefits and BF Care, your clients can access health and wellbeing services at no extra cost, whether they claim on their policy or not.

Key Features

Covers up to £100,000 of income before tax, with a maximum benefit of £57,000 per year.

Advisers can offer level-guaranteed or age-costed guaranteed premiums so your client can choose price flexibility or stability.


Choose a benefit from £216 up to a maximum of £4,750 per month, for 1, 2 or 5 years, or until the policy ends.

Up to £1,500 benefit guarantee available in the event of a genuine unexpected drop in earnings before making a claim.

Day 1* or 1**, 4, 8, 13, 26 or 52 week deferred period options.

Your clients policy will cover them for the job they actually do.

Your client may be able to increase their cover, following 5 different life changes, without having to answer any further medical questions. Maximum benefit and certain limitations apply.

Your client can pause their premiums and cover for up to six months at a time if they need to take a break from paying their premiums without the worry of losing their cover.

Sick pay matching for teachers as well as doctors, surgeons, nurses, midwives and dentists that have NHS sick pay.

Your client can add Fracture Cover for an additional £4 per month. This provides financial protection in the event of one of 18 specific fractures.

*only available with age-costed guaranteed premiums when length of policy selected is until retirement.

**only available with age-costed guaranteed premiums.

Product Profile

Terms & Conditions

Fracture Cover

Add Fracture Cover to your client’s new Protect policy for just £4 extra per month. This offers a lump sum payment of up to £6,000 in the event of a fracture of one of 18 specific fractures. This extra payment can help your client with any additional costs that may arise from breaking a bone, such as taxis to and from the hospital, pet or childcare, or any lifestyle changes.

Your client can remove Fracture Cover at any time, but once removed it cannot be re-added.

up to £6,000

18 specific fractures

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Value-Added Services

Mutual Benefits is British Friendly’s discretionary programme offering a range of health and reward benefits. Consisting of Cash in your Pocket and Clinic in a Pocket, it rewards your clients for being British Friendly members.

Cash in your Pocket is British Friendly’s monthly prize draw that sees five members win a £100 cash prize, every month. Your client is automatically entered, as long as they’re up to date on their premiums.

Clinic in a Pocket provides healthcare services for your clients. Some services can be shared with your client’s partner or spouse, and any children living at home. (Child age and access limitations apply). It’s an easy to use, digital service, all available through the Clinic in a Pocket app. Find out more about each of the services below:

When your client takes out a British Friendly policy, they’ll get access to a range of health and wellbeing services at no extra cost. They’re available to use at any time and offer your clients significant value above and beyond their Income Protection policy.


Mutual Benefits

Health Check

This service offers your client one at-home health check per year, for a health ‘MOT’. It checks around 20 health markers so your client can keep an eye on their general health and wellbeing from the comfort of their home. It’s provided in an easy-to-use pin prick blood test, sent straight to your client. And should anything flag up, they can book a GP appointment directly through the app with the results.

This service is only available to the policyholder.

Digital GP Appointments

Clinic in a Pocket offers your client unlimited GP Appointments, straight from their smartphone. They can connect with a range of UK based GPs, with appointments usually available within 4 hours of the initial contact. They can provide private prescriptions, consultation notes and sick notes, alongside referrals for other services within the app.

This can be used by the policyholder, their spouse or partner, and any children under 23 years of age who are still living at home and in full time education.


Clients can book up to 6 digital physiotherapy sessions with a qualified physiotherapist and beat the NHS waiting times. Accessories such as cold/heat packs and resistance bands can be posted to the client at no additional cost, if required, and exercise plans can be uploaded straight to the app for future reference.

This can be used by the policyholder, and their spouse or partner.

Mental Health Support

Your client can access up to 6 digital mental health sessions with a qualified counsellor, CBT therapist or psychologist to help with a range of mental health conditions. Appointments are usually available within 5 working days, and your client can access self-help resources to continue their treatment too.

This can be used by the policyholder, their spouse or partner, or children between 18-22 who are still living at home and in full time education.

Second Medical Opinion

This service offers your client up to 2 second medical opinions per year, with access to a network of consultants across the UK. It offers your client the opportunity to ask questions following a diagnosis, for extra peace of mind. Appointments are usually available within 10 working days of the Square Health, the service provider, receiving the client’s medical records and information about the diagnosis.

It’s available to the policyholder, their spouse or partner, or children under 23 years of age who are still living at home and in full time education.

BF Care

BF Care is a discretionary package of five benefits, providing up to £2,000 in additional financial support to your clients during life changing events. These benefits are provided at no extra cost.

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The high number of musculoskeletal conditions that British Friendly pay claims for confirms the importance of Income Protection in the age-costed market. In 2023 alone it remained the top reasons for claim, taking 54.95% of all claim requests. This particularly serves manual workers that the insurer typically covers. In total, in 2023 almost £5,000,000 was paid out between 999 claims.

In 2023 the top reasons for claim were musculoskeletal, chest/lung/nose/throat conditions, surgery (not covered in other categories),  mental illness, and Cancer.

The best way to highlight the value of these added-value benefits is through British Friendly’s real life claim stories. We encourage advisers to share these with their clients too, to highlight just how important Income Protection can be, and the unexpected ways insurers can support them during difficult times.


British Friendly pride themselves on their flexible and inclusive approach to underwriting and always try to offer fair cover to your client, whatever their situation. Their underwriting team is highly skilled and knowledgeable and assess each client on a personal basis. If your client does receive any exclusions on their policy, British Friendly try to make these reviewable where possible.

British Friendly’s dedicated Underwriting webpage offers a number of easy to access documents to make your job easy, including their BMI Guide, Occupation Guide, Hazardous Pursuits Guide, Type 2 Diabetes pre-sale form and Data Capture Form.

Or, if there’s something that you’d like to talk to them about before submitting an application, you can contact their pre-sales email for help and advice.

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Looking to register with British Friendly?

You can learn more about British Friendly’s registration process here or complete their online registration form here.


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