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Covid-19: Insurer Statements

As concerns over the impact of coronavirus on insurance grow, we have approached each insurer in order to understand what their current stance is with regard to underwriting and claims. For each insurer we have pulled together links to the various statements and pages on their website in order to help you stay on top of what is happening. We will look to update this page where necessary as more insurers release their stance and as the situation develops.

AEGON have put together a COVID-19 frequently asked questions page covering office closures and information about their approach to protection in the current environment

To view the FAQ’s click here

AIG have published a statement on their website explaining their stance on claims and their approach to underwriting.

Aviva have pulled together a short question and answer page on their website giving information on their position with regard to their different types of cover, the effect on their underwriting policies and guidance.

British Friendly have published a page on their site dedicated to frequently asked questions.

Canada Life has published its latest information  for underwriting and claims on its website:

Canada Life have also put together a page answering a high level set of frequently asked questions with regard to group protection. they are currently reviewing the impact on individual protection.

Cirencester have put together a page on their website providing a statement on their stance with regard to claims and self isolation.

Guardian have released a statement explaining their operational resiliance, approach to claims and underwriting including obtaining medicals

Holloway have released a statement explaining how they will treat claims and the changes they are making to new business cases where they will now be excluding cases of COVID-19 where a one, four or eight week deferred peroid is selected.

LV= have dedicated an area of their adviser centre to coronavirus updates. This includes their approach to cases where a diagnosis is confirmed and to clients under self isolation.

MetLife have dedicated an area of their site to Coronavirus where they give general information about the outbreak and answer frequently asked questions iwth regard to their stance.

Royal London have produced a statement on their website giving more details on their approach to both claims and underwriting.

Scottish Widows have pulled together a document highlighting their frequently asked questions with regard to COVID-9 and provide their responses to these.

The Exeter have built a page on their website dedicated to updates on the Coronavirus giving a rolling update of their stance.

Vitality have put together a page answering a high level set of frequently asked questions from advisers and also a page for consumers.

Zurich have added a page dedicated to coronavirus to their website which provides a host of information on the virus itself and their approach across the different lines of business they participate in.


  1. Robert McCoy

    It would be good to have an idea what the providers field based teams are doing and how to contact them during these unprecedented times.

  2. Tricia elliott

    Hello, a request here regarding info from life companies:

    We are going to have clients who want to do the whole process online, trusts and all. Can you ask the insurers to clarify their proceedures with respect to this please? Do they need “wet” singatures on their trust dos, witnesses to signatures etc. Each insurer has a different way of doing things speedy of processes would be useful.


    • Ruth Gilbert, Insuring Change

      Hi Tricia
      Excellent question, but as everyone’s flat out trying to keep up with COVID impacts, I doubt many/any who know the answer will have time to be popping over here to see your question.

      Those who’ve invested in this tend to say so on their websites, but I know that’s time consuming. If you want to track me down with an email, happy to give you the odd pointer.

  3. simon smyth

    Which providers is offering payment breaks on life, critical illness and income protection policies for clients who have been laid off work? As these clients will not want to lose the terms and cover they currently have.

  4. Sue Helmont

    None of us have known a time quite like this. At AIG Life we’re focused on protecting the health and safety of our
    employees and those around us, as well as continuing to serve our customers, advisers and business partners. We’re
    following government advice and reviewing the situation daily.

    We’ve activated our Business Continuity Plans and we’re all now working from home. We’ve always had a flexible working policy so we’re operating pretty much business as usual. The field based sales teams are all contactable by phone or email and our customers can get in touch by phone Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm on 0345 600 6820.

    Advisers can find other useful info here

  5. Ruth Gilbert, Insuring Change

    Confusion abounds, with many, thinking IP with short /no waiting periods might cover self-isolation even with no or mild symptoms of actual illness. But as those familiar with definitions of “incapacity” or “disability” will know, it only pays when you can’t work due to the severity of the symptoms from your illness (or accidental injury), causing “incapacity”, actual severity depending on the specific definition.
    So it doesn’t cover you for other reasons stopping you working, like redundancy or having to self-isolate to protect others or even yourself.
    Insurers should be getting credit for stretching, where they can (for now), to go beyond the Ts&Cs.

  6. martyn spencer

    Already had & getting several clients considering cancelling their protection plans now due to financial & emotional distress.

    Very concerned after 30 years in Industry, that our loyal customers will have no protection cover when needed most.

    Often clients may have had health issues since taking out cover, making any new cover hard to come by, more expensive or declined.

    The professional time & effort involved by all parties in getting clients the correct protection cover & correct trusts setup in the first place just disappears in an instant.

    Noticed on AIG website that they are considering something about payment holidays like Mortgage Companies
    are doing.

    Its a bad business model where nobody cares to not look after their existing customers – rather than always searching for new ones.

    Anymore news ?

  7. martyn spencer

    Re Option 2: Insurers – Suspend premiums and protection cover

    Feedback offered on this above article – was also to consider in the sad event of death claim only ( if premiums were suspended ) was for Insurers to then offer fixed say return of premiums to date upto £5,000 goodwill sum to help toward funeral costs only for bereaved family.


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