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Aviva to provide extra support WITH MACMILLAN for cancer sufferers

Aviva to provide extra support WITH MACMILLAN for cancer sufferers

When asked at the turn of the year, what the industry should expect from claims in 2021, Aviva were very quick to state that delays in screenings would result in higher levels of more advanced cancer claims. In recognition of this they have extended their partnership with MacMillan to provide more support to cancer sufferers who will be facing greater challenges than ever before.

Aviva have been working with MacMillan since 2017. Initially this was working with Macmillan’s Clinical Nurse Specialists in order to improve and speed up the collection of evidence required for a claim. In most cases a client diagnosed with cancer will be referred to a cancer nurse specialist to support them through their treatment. This nurse will be provided with the full details of the diagnosis and treatment plan. In recognition of this, when informed of a cancer claim on one of their critical illness plans, Aviva will ask the client if they can speak to their cancer nurse specialist. If permission is granted they will contact the nurse as soon as possible and based on the nurses confirmation pay the claim. In doing so, they have been able to cut the time taken to pay claims for cancer from 60 days to 25 hours on average. This is a massive reduction in the time it takes for the family to receive payment.

Macmillan offer a vast amount of support to cancer sufferers with the specialist nurses just being one aspect of this. The extension of the partnership with Aviva will look to highlight more of the wider support and services being offered to Aviva customers.

Over the coming year, Aviva have the following initiatives planned in order to provide more support to cancer sufferers:

  • Macmillan to provide training to over 200 Aviva claims staff on the different support and services they provide to cancer sufferers and their loved ones. These claims staff will then be able to discuss the support that can be obtained from Macmillan with any claimants with cancer and signpost them to suitable services.
  • Aviva and Macmillan will run learning events for advisers throughout the year on how to give emotional support to customers with cancer and how to signpost them to suitable services offered by Macmillan.
  • Signposting to Macmillan services will be integrated into Aviva’s product literature and claims journeys.
  • Signposting to Macmillan services will also be added to the DigiCare+ (both individual and workplace editions).

In recent years, Aviva have been extremely pro-active in ensuring that they are offering emotional support to customers as well as financial support in their time of need. Initiatives such as Project Teddy, their partnership with Macmillan nurses and now the extension of this partnership to highlight and signpost cancer sufferers to wider support are all examples of their desire to provide the best possible service to claimants. We applaud any such initiative that looks to go the extra mile and hope that this extra support can help clients that will be facing uncertain and tough times ahead.

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