Join us (and some of the most progressive advisers in the industry) for discussions on some of the most pertinent issues facing protection advisers and providers. Gain insights into best practices, discuss solutions to widespread concerns, and make new connections with other experts working to improve how people access and receive protection. The agenda will be circulated to ticket holders shortly, and will center on important topics as chosen by previous Forum attendees. 

7th October 2020 Protection Guru Forum Agenda

Sesson starts at 10.30am and finishes at 12.30pm via Microsoft Teams

  • What can insurers do to improve their claims process?
    • What are advisers major frustrations?
    • What do insurers do really well?
    • How can insurers better engage with advisers throughout a claim?
    • What are the little things insurers could do to improve the claims process for consumers and advisers?
  • How can we make it easier to get cover in force in the current environment?
    • Can advisers be proactive in obtaining medical data?
    • What are a patients legal rights to their own medical data?
    • Initial applications up to non-medical underwriting limits?
    • Should cover be segmented across insurers?