Protection Guru started the week sharing more from our June Forum event with some of the advisers sharing their experiences from COVID-19. This really is worth listening to. A range of recognised industry leaders and the emerging stars shares what has worked well and what needs to be improved, based on their own personal experiences. We are hearing a lot of new views from different faces at these Forums, it is great to hear people, several of whom I am sure will be future industry leaders having their say.

Look out for more content from our July event next week and if you would like to join our next Forum on 2nd September you can request a ticket from the link at the bottom of the page.

On Tuesday our latest contributor, Amanda Newman Smith explored one of the best value and most underused contracts in protection asking will your clients need medical evidence for family income benefit?

Wednesday saw LV= become the latest provider to launch showcase pages on Protection Guru. Scottish Widows also updated their critical illness showcase page this week to show their new Interactive Mini Body. If you have not seen this yet you must click on the link also read some of the great feedback from advisers across the market on social media.

We are seeing some great ideas coming forward as the Protection Guru team works with a growing number of insurers to build showcase page. Several more are now agreed and in the pipeline, so look out for these soon.

There is more and more evidence that wider health and especially obesity have a significant impact on COVID-19 survivability so Thursday was a good day to look at Improving lives through health checks and which insurers are doing the most to add these valuable benefits.

We wrapped up the week looking at Everything you need to know about how children are covered on critical illness policies adding some wider context to the valuable issues explored by Scottish Widows above. This analysis builds on previous studies which explore Flexibility, Eligibility, Parental Support when a child is hospitalised, Funeral cover and Child conversion options.

Elsewhere it is worth reading the comments in ThinkAdvisor about how COVID 19 claims in the US have had a far higher impact than in the rest of the world and the results of a selection of leading US life insurers.

My moment of the week goes back to last Sunday when The Sunday Times reported on the great work done by Emma Astley of Cover My Bubble to persuade Aegon to pay a Critical Illness claim in difficult circumstances. Huge credit should go to both Emma and Aegon for their actions. We originally wrote about this on Protection Guru How one adviser is using her experience to highlight the benefit of protection You can read the Laura Miller’s story here: I got breast cancer during the lockdown how would we cope. This highlights that there are many good journalists who will write positively and objectively about protection but we as an industry need to work harder to give them the information they need. Emma has now summarised this story on her company web site this is also well worth a read.

At Protection Guru we are very keen to hear from advisers who have positive stories to tell about claims. We will add them to the pages we maintain on how to use claims stories to increase consumer confidence as well as our dedicated pages on  Critical Illness  and Income Protection claims.

We will also do all we can to promote your positive stories via both traditional and social media, so if you have or know someone who has any stories about claims getting paid please speak to us.

I also think these pages which insurers offer the best support during claims and which insurers offer the best support during claims (part 2) are two of the most important on our site. Like many people I believe paying claims is the most important thing we do as an industry.

So, it appears we are in for another weekend of fabulous weather and I am going to be glued to the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone this weekend. Whatever you are doing enjoy it but continue to stay safe so we can all do more great work next week protecting more consumers.