Another quiet week generally on the COVID-19 side, with the exception of LV= who at the beginning of the week removed the restriction on their benefit reduction option and ended by resuming face to face medicals.

Also this week we took the opportunity on Monday to explain how our Income Protection ratings work and on Wednesday put this in context to explain how Royal London scooped golds across the board in these benchmarks.

In our general protection analysis this week we looked at which insurers help clients with life limiting illnesses; Guardian really stand out in this summary. Also we explored when financial evidence is required in business protection cases. This study really highlighted why independent advice is so valuable when addressing protection needs as eight different companies Aegon, Aviva, Legal & General, LV=, Royal London, Vitality and Zurich all had attributes that make them particularly attractive for different clients. For anyone wanting cover it is important to understand, as this article identifies, who is strong in different areas.

Many businesses will want to re-evaluate their Business Protection cover post COVID-19 so on Friday we looked at which insurers make it easy to increase business protection plans. Legal & General and Vitality really stand out, but AIG, LV= and Zurich can all be highly commended. 

Elsewhere in the market there has been some interesting commentary about how Critical Illness policy wordings should be assessed for low grade cancers. Personally, I attribute far more credibility to views from highly experienced medical professionals with extensive relevant qualifications and working in the NHS, over anyone working in financial services but without formal medical training.

I might go as far as to ask is it wise to use a critical illness research system where independent medical advice has not been a key part of the process? If you had the option of two such systems, one with extensive input from a highly qualified medical team and the other without, which would you choose?  

I hope you find all the above studies useful. Have a great weekend everyone.


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